5 Best Advocacy Software For Marketing Success

advocacy software

It is always beneficial to have the correct advocacy software in place in order to advance in any marketing campaign that requires awareness and particularly to inspire an audience online on social media. 

Companies utilize customer advocacy software, also known as Advocacy Marketing or Referral Marketing software, to empower their customers to spread their message, content, or products through word-of-mouth.

These tools aid marketing, sales, and success teams in collecting referrals and testimonials that can be utilized with potential customers. Customer advocates are enthusiastic about sharing their experiences using products and services, and customer advocacy software programs streamline this sharing process.

Furthermore, the software can encourage companies to participate in product testing, provide feedback, and share news.

Here are 5 of the Best Advocacy Software for Advanced Seamless Connectivity.

1. Muster

advocacy software

Muster’s advocacy platform offers a seamless solution for government relations professionals and organizational leaders to effectively connect with their stakeholders and achieve success. Leveraging Muster’s robust CRM, gain unparalleled insights through stakeholder visualization.

Create comprehensive advocacy campaigns across multiple channels, effortlessly distributing them through email or text (SMS) broadcasts.

Monitor your impact in real-time with advanced analytics and reporting, providing concrete evidence of the effectiveness of your endeavors.

2. NationBuilder

advocacy software

NationBuilder empowers numerous high-stakes campaigns and movements worldwide. Seamlessly engage your supporters during crucial moments with a user-friendly system.

This comprises an all-in-one website and supporter database, online petitions, efficient field tools, simplified one-time and recurring donations, and customized email and texting.

Revitalize your database with dynamic supporter profiles that automatically update with each interaction. Enjoy unlimited users and email blasts for optimal outreach.

3. VoterVoice

advocacy software

Our exceptional address-matching system seamlessly links your advocates with their respective local, state, and federal lawmakers, guaranteeing that your message reaches those in positions of authority. Engage your supporters through various channels such as email, text, or push notifications.

Keep your base informed and prepared to take action when crucial legislation is being discussed by sending newsletters, conducting polls, and providing regular updates throughout the year.

Additionally, our mobile action center simplifies the management of fly-ins and enables the synchronization of meeting notes.

4. Influitive

advocacy software

The Influitive platform is a comprehensive customer marketing solution that integrates cutting-edge segmentation and engagement techniques.

By leveraging these advanced features, Influitive empowers businesses to mobilize their customers and effortlessly access social proof.

Whether it’s through video testimonials, third-party reviews, referrals, or references, the Influitive platform guarantees tangible outcomes and quantifiable return on investment.

5. Clearview Social

advocacy software

Clearview Social is an uncomplicated platform that facilitates the sharing of company content on various social media platforms by your team, utilizing effortless prompts and email reminders.

Enabling your team to share empowers you to accomplish your company’s social media objectives, be it generating sales leads, increasing webinar registrations, driving clicks, or enhancing recruitment efforts.

Notably, posts shared by employees garner 8 times or more engagement compared to solely posting on your company page. With Clearview Social, transforming your employees into influential figures becomes remarkably straightforward.

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