5 Best AI Sales Assistant Software For Advanced Sales Automation

ai sales assistant software

Choosing the right AI sales assistant software could drastically save your team time and money, by being able to organize and automate any sales efforts your organization has.

Also known as a virtual sales assistant it is highly able and successfully assists any member of your sales staff in an increased process that uses embedded AI technology. Your team is able to do the lead qualification, supervise all follow-ups, schedule meetings, forecasting, pipeline management, and all data entry required.

Here are 5 of the Best AI Sales Assistant Software for Advanced Sales Performance.

1. Pipedrive

ai sales assistant software

Pipedrive is a highly regarded customer relationship management tool that is favored by teams of various sizes. Our CRM’s intuitive and efficient design, which places usability as the top priority, has attracted over 100,000 paying customers from 179 countries.

By utilizing Pipedrive, sales teams can ensure that no tasks or opportunities are overlooked, enabling them to dedicate more time to selling rather than administrative tasks.

Our agile and robust CRM software is an ideal choice for sales teams and small businesses seeking a streamlined and effective sales tool to enhance their organizational capabilities.

2. HubSpot Sales Hub

ai sales assistant software

Elevate your sales process with Sales Hub, an efficient and user-friendly sales CRM equipped with sales engagement tools, configure-price-quote CPQ functionality, and comprehensive sales analytics and reporting for expanding teams.

Sales Hub is constructed on the top-notch HubSpot CRM platform, enabling you to unify your customer data, tools, and teams in a single system of record. Whether you require strategies, services, or software, HubSpot offers a complete solution to enhance your growth.

3. Veloxy

ai sales assistant software

Veloxy leverages AI technology to facilitate sales teams’ engagement in Salesforce, enabling them to conveniently log activities and update their pipeline while on the move. This empowers sales management with enhanced forecasting capabilities and improved visibility into the impact of calls, emails, and other activities on driving sales.

Seamlessly integrate your Salesforce with either Outlook/Office365 or GMail through Veloxy, allowing you to effortlessly track individual or bulk emails, activities, leads, and contacts all within a unified platform.

By entrusting the management of various tasks to an AI-powered Virtual Assistant, sales professionals can focus their efforts on productive sales activities, while the necessary background operations are efficiently handled.

4. Writecream

ai sales assistant software

Writecream is a versatile content creation tool that utilizes AI technology to produce text, audio, and images. With just one click, you can generate lengthy blog articles of up to 2,000 words.

Additionally, Writecream offers a ChatGPT-like feature that enables you to create various types of textual content, including scripts, fiction, product descriptions, ad copies, and social media posts. Moreover, Writecream allows you to generate human-like voiceovers and podcasts, as well as create artwork, NFTs, stock photos, and other multimedia content.

5. Dooly

ai sales assistant software

Dooly enables you to exceed your sales target more efficiently, all without the need to interact with Salesforce. Enhance your selling strategies and eliminate the time-consuming CRM updates that burden your day.

Developed by sales professionals, for sales professionals, Dooly offers a swift, visually appealing, and user-friendly experience. It is readily available within seconds, requiring no setup. Dooly automates your Salesforce updates, empowering you to sell more and reduce administrative tasks.

Instantly synchronize your notes with Salesforce, ensuring comprehensive data integration. Streamline your pipeline updates in mere seconds, leveraging the power of AI-driven playbooks to close deals more effectively.

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