5 Best Barbershop Software For a Successful Clientele

barbershop software

Choosing the top barbershop software for your business could be a little difficult if you don’t do a little research from the beginning. You have choices that could make a big difference in your workflow.

Your choice should be barbershop software that makes it easy to schedule appointments from all sources at any time or any day. It needs to have an easy interface to interact with since you will be taking payments for services and products. The software needs to be able to have such services as, managing employees, customers, working hours, and managing your location.

Things to look for also include whether the software lets you create marketing campaigns keep track of your loyalty programs and more.

here are the 5 best barbershop software for a smooth workflow.

1. Phorest

barbershop software

Phorest offers a comprehensive solution that empowers barbershops, beauty salons, and hair businesses to maximize their potential. Our platform seamlessly facilitates online salon booking, streamlines reporting processes, and incorporates the industry’s most cutting-edge marketing features.

With Phorest, you can effectively monitor your team’s performance, regain lapsed clients through automated and targeted messaging, and increase client frequency through the utilization of your own branded booking app and loyalty cards. Additionally, our automated reputation tool enables you to distinguish yourself by generating reviews.

2. Uzeli

barbershop software

The Uzeli barbershop software is a comprehensive and straightforward solution designed to enhance the client experience, optimize processes, and increase revenue through proven methods.

Uzeli enables efficient appointment management, minimizes revenue loss, facilitates client acquisition and retention, and simplifies staff payout calculations. Moreover, Uzeli’s text reminders effectively reduce no-shows, while its automated loyalty, referral, and miss-you marketing generates additional revenue every month.

Uzeli is a contemporary salon software that delivers exceptional customer experience and sustainable growth for salons. It is particularly suitable for salons, spas, barbershops, and tattoo shops that aim to outperform their competitors.

3. DaySmart Salon

barbershop software

For over two decades, DaySmart has been the driving force behind the success of hair businesses worldwide. Our cutting-edge technology has revolutionized the way barbershops operate, with features like online booking, automated email and text notifications, comprehensive payroll and commission tracking, mobile apps, and so much more.

And the best part? No hidden fees or contracts. Plus, our 100% US-based support team is always here to help. Whether you’re a hair or nail salon, barbershop, booth renter, or have multiple locations, DaySmart Salon (formerly Salon Iris) has the perfect edition for you. And with our affordable cloud subscriptions, you can take your business to the next level without breaking the bank.

4. Vagaro

barbershop software

Vagaro Barbershop management software is designed to enhance productivity and streamline your schedule, allowing you to dedicate more time to your valued clients. With a trusted user base of over 130,000 beauty professionals, our software offers a comprehensive solution for managing appointments, whether from your desktop or on the go through our user-friendly app.

Take advantage of automated reminders and emails to ensure seamless communication with your clients. Additionally, our marketplace provides a platform for millions of potential customers to discover and book your services. Rest assured, our software prioritizes the security of payment processing. Sign up today for a complimentary 1-month trial and experience the benefits firsthand.

5. Fresha

barbershop software

Fresha is the exclusive appointment booking software for the beauty and wellness industry that does not require a subscription. Our platform offers unlimited bookings, locations, team members, and notifications to all users.

By enabling online bookings through popular platforms such as Google Search, Facebook, Instagram, and your own website, you can enhance your sales and attract new clients. Our automated communication system ensures that clients stay informed through text messages, emails, and our mobile app. Moreover, Fresha offers a flexible pricing structure with no monthly fees, and additional features such as card payment processing are available for those who opt for them.

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