7 Best Market Research Tools For Focused Marketing

best market research tools

Having the correct and best market research tools in place is very beneficial for your organization to be able to stay afloat in the competition. From basic research to complete surveys and polls to find the target market. 

Market research is the top priority for any successful marketing effort. By learning the basic human nature and basic needs we are able to detect habitual patterns and able to predict the market.

Market research is especially important when launching any new products to see how to approach the market if there is any. 

With the technology that we are able to reach today, we are able to preset with close to pinpoint the market on a particular product. 

Here are 7 of the Best Market Research Tools for a Successful Strategy.

1. QuestionPro

best market research tools

With QuestionPro you can create the correct survey for any particular brand. It comes with multiple question types that you can use for simple to complex surveys for your research endeavors.

QuestionPro comes with many templates that you can customize to your brand needs. You are able to obtain insights with its MaxDiff and A/B Testing. You will be able to obtain very actionable and valuable surveys that fit your brand.

2. SocialMention

best market research tools

SocialMention’s main focus is on dedicated social media mentions with its real-time search engine. It allows you to get insights into what your present and future customers are mentioning about you on social media.

SocialMention lets you see very easily with search terms, website URLs, or hashtags any mention of your brand right away in real-time across many social platforms.

3. Google Trends

best market research tools

GoogleTrends gives you direct access to Google’s algorithm, and you can make your content the way that google more or less likes to be done.

This tool offers an opportunity to SEO your content and gives you very exclusive insights on specific audiences all over the globe.

GoogleTrends gives you access to modification market research such as making the search in accordance to region, time search networking types for seasonal markets on the particular niche.

4. SurveyMonkey

best market research tools

SurveyMonkey is very practical in that it lets you see a response from a market after you place a campaign you see back results and adjust accordingly.

It offers many pre-built templates for any particular surveys you create. It lets you hear from customers by running online opinion polls.

With SurveyMonkey, you are able to create very exclusive personalization of brand recognition with its intuitive platforms which are very easy to use and logical to create surveys.

5. EthOS

best market research tools

EthOS is an innovative Human Insights Platform that is transforming the manner in which organizations comprehend their customers and their experiences.

We equip CX, UX, MR, and Consumer Insights teams with cutting-edge resources to capture omnichannel touchpoints, enabling them to gain real-time insights into the constantly evolving needs, attitudes, and behaviors of their target audience.

Immerse yourself in the daily lives of your customers by exploring in-the-moment videos, pictures, and screen recordings, and leverage our generative AI technology to uncover valuable real-world insights.

6. QualSights

best market research tools

QualSights is a platform for consumer insights that empowers brands to obtain genuine and in-depth insights from consumers worldwide, in a significantly faster and cost-efficient manner.

With the aid of exclusive technology, businesses can gather real-time consumer insights by remotely observing and engaging with consumers as they shop, use, or consume products in their natural surroundings.

7. Giftbit

best market research tools

Giftbit offers a comprehensive solution for purchasing, delivering, and monitoring digital gift cards to captivate, involve, and incentivize research participants.

Seamlessly send gift cards to individuals or in large quantities through our user-friendly web application. Simply import your recipient list and arrange personalized offers at your convenience.

Looking for a more streamlined approach? Seamlessly integrate with our API or effortlessly trigger actions through Zapier, connecting with the applications you already rely on.

Enjoy the convenience of an on-demand, cost-free account and API, without any minimum requirements or subscription fees. Pay the full value for redeemed rewards and receive a generous 50% reimbursement for unclaimed offers.

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