5 Best Solar Design Software For Optimal Energy Efficiency

best solar design software

Choosing the best solar design software is crucial when you need a full energy development project. Solar PV (Photovoltaic) software is able to bring a design that is both passive and active solar design systems.

Solar design software, also referred to as photovoltaic (PV) design software, is a valuable tool utilized by solar development, engineering, and consulting firms to effectively design, simulate, and evaluate the performance of solar power systems.

This software aids in the creation of layouts, modification of designs, and calculation of materials and installation costs. Additionally, it enables users to generate simulations of various components of solar power systems, such as solar PV modules, inverters, battery banks, cables, and accessories.

These simulations play a crucial role in estimating power consumption or production under different atmospheric conditions. Moreover, solar design software facilitates financial modeling and analysis, allowing for a comprehensive examination of cost savings over a specific time frame.

Furthermore, it assists in the creation of sales proposals and provides users with a convenient dashboard to oversee projects and manage requirements.


1. Onshape

best solar design software

Onshape is a cutting-edge SaaS design platform that enhances the efficiency of product development. It is a comprehensive solution that integrates CAD, release management, workflow, collaboration, analytics, admin tools, and an API with over 50 engineering applications.

Onshape facilitates seamless collaboration among extended design teams, enabling them to work more efficiently.

Additionally, it empowers executives to make informed business decisions by providing real-time analytics and unparalleled visibility into their company’s design and manufacturing processes.

2. PVsyst

best solar design software

PVsyst is a comprehensive PC software package that facilitates the study, sizing, and data analysis of complete PV systems.

It caters to a wide range of PV systems, including grid-connected, stand-alone, pumping, and DC-grid public transportation PV systems. The software boasts extensive meteo and PV systems components databases, along with general solar energy tools.

It is specifically designed for architects, engineers, and researchers, as it allows for the import of meteo data and personal data from various sources.

PVsyst also features a detailed contextual Help menu that provides a user-friendly approach and a guide to developing a project, explaining the procedures and models used.

3. pvDesign

best solar design software

pvDesign is a cloud-based software that sets the standard for designing and engineering utility-scale photovoltaic (PV) plants. It is an indispensable tool for development, EPC, and solar engineering firms looking to reduce LCOE by optimizing energy production and minimizing construction costs.

The user-friendly interface guides you through site definition, including topography and meteorological data. With a vast equipment library of over 7,000 items, pvDesign allows you to preview layout and calculate energy yield, CAPEX, and LCOE.

Additionally, the software generates over 300 pages of technical documentation and PV plant proposals for your off-taker. Whether you’re in the initial design phase or the final engineering stage, pvDesign has everything you need to create successful solar plants.

4. EagleView

best solar design software

EagleView has established itself as the industry leader in providing precise property measurement data to insurance companies, property tax offices, roofing contractors, solar installers, and various other sectors for over ten years.

Countless roofing, siding, and solar installation projects have relied on EagleView’s unwaveringly reliable and precise property measurements, derived from high-resolution aerial imagery and calculated down to the smallest detail.

5. SolarPlus

best solar design software

SolarPlus is a renowned provider of cutting-edge design and sales software tailored for solar installers and sales professionals. By streamlining the complexities associated with solar quoting, design, compliance, and documentation, SolarPlus empowers a wider audience to transition toward sustainable and renewable energy sources.

Spearheaded by the exceptional leadership of Glen Morris and Laurie Kane, SolarPlus boasts an exceptional team of skilled developers and dedicated customer support personnel.

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