6 Best Building Management Software For Overall Supervision

building management software

A building management software or system (BMS) is a sophisticated control system employed for the purpose of monitoring and overseeing the mechanical, electrical, and electromechanical services within a facility. These services encompass a wide range of functionalities, including power supply, heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, physical access control, pumping stations, elevators, and lighting.

At its core, a rudimentary BMS comprises software, a server equipped with a database, and intelligent sensors interconnected through an Internet-enabled network. These intelligent sensors are strategically placed throughout the building to collect pertinent data, which is then transmitted to the BMS and subsequently stored within a database.

Here are 6 of the Best Building Management Software for Network Intelligence.

1. Clebex

building management software

Clebex is a software solution that allows companies to manage their buildings and workspaces effectively. The software utilizes IoT sensors and applications to monitor resource usage, energy consumption, air quality, and temperature, resulting in optimized energy usage, reduced carbon footprint, and a safe and healthy environment for employees.

In addition to resource monitoring, Clebex implements scheduling rules and manages visitor access to the building, ensuring efficient resource usage and secure visitor access. With Clebex, companies can restrict access to certain areas, allowing only authorized personnel to enter. The software’s adaptability and flexibility are among its most notable features.

2. Buildern

building management software

Buildern is a comprehensive software solution designed to meet the needs of small to medium construction companies and general contractors in the residential and commercial construction industries. It provides effective project management tools to streamline complex project processes and improve overall efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

The user-friendly platform offers an intuitive flow for managing all aspects of construction project management.

3. QFM

building management software

QFM Facilities enhances the coordination of various asset, building, and service operations to maximize the efficiency of facilities, enhance service provision, and minimize operational expenses.

This comprehensive suite of web-based management software tools, known as CAFM Computer-Aided Facilities Management software, seamlessly integrates all aspects of facilities and maintenance activities, offering a centralized perspective of your entire property portfolio.

4. MaintainX

building management software

As a leading software solution for maintenance and work execution, MaintainX is dedicated to supporting industrial and frontline teams.

Our main objective is to help companies streamline their maintenance operations, improve asset management, and empower their workforce.

Moreover, we offer valuable insights that can greatly contribute to overall financial performance. We are proud to serve a prestigious clientele, including well-known brands like Duracell, AB InBev, Univar, Cintas, McDonalds, Titan America, and many more.

5. SpaceWell

building management software

We provide businesses with software and technology tools that streamline facility operations, lower expenses, and energy usage, and enable the creation of intelligent buildings and workspaces.

Our primary focus is on enhancing building management and empowering users through PropTech solutions that seamlessly integrate BIM, IWMS, and the Internet of Things.

By utilizing up-to-the-minute data from IoT sensors, facility managers can effectively monitor and enhance comfort and well-being, indoor air quality, energy efficiency, and space utilization. Furthermore, they can offer immediate support to building users and deliver more efficient, activity-based services.

6. Limble CMMS

building management software

Limble CMMS is a user-friendly software solution that prioritizes mobile accessibility and assists in maintenance work management, work scheduling automation, work history monitoring, report generation, and asset organization.

Our clients have reported significant improvements, such as a 37% reduction in downtime, a 41% increase in productivity, a 29% decrease in part spend, and a 23% increase in asset life.

Limble has earned the trust of global corporations like McDonald’s and Rite Aid. Contact us for a demo and discover how Limble can address your specific requirements.

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