5 Best Business Continuity Software For Unexpected Disruptions

business continuity software

Choosing the right business continuity software for your organization is very important for unknown disruptions that a company may have.  Continuity software can set an organization for long-term operations and ensure the data is accurately stored and properly organized.


1. Ninja Data Protection

business continuity software

Ninja Data Protection comes with cloud-first backup solutions for all Windows endpoints. It is very reliable and protected. 

It comes with options to backup the full image and file only as an option. You are able to create retention plans and have individual schedules. It lets IT staff manage endpoints and secure critical data from ransomware, failures. 

2. Rave Alert

business continuity software

Rave Alert is an authority in FedRamp-authorized notification for high-end education organizations.  It is widely used in corporations, K-12 schools, and healthcare organizations. 

It reaches a wide range of organizations and institutions quickly with just three clicks via text, voice, email, social media, desktop, and many other devices.

3. Fresh Service

business continuity software

Fresh Service contains a perfect-sized ITSM (IT Service Management) solution. Its very intuitive interface which is very easy to use, makes a great team members’ user experience.

It greatly increases the teams’ productivity level by providing a fresh and organized task manager with AI capabilities for excellent task automation.

4. Cove Data Protection

business continuity software

Cove Data Protection includes a cloud storage multitenant dashboard, that is able to save time and user storage that is protected from ransomware. 

With its powerful disaster recovery cloud-first system it can safely cover and protect data, Microsoft 365 platform, and workstations. 

5. Comet Backup

business continuity software

Comet Backup is able to do and complete backups in less than 15 minutes. It is a fast and secure all-in-one business backup for continuous business operations.

With its intuitive user interface, you are able to control storage destinations such as Asure, Wasabi, AWS, Backblaze, and Google Cloud Storage. It is able to support businesses in 120 countries in 12 languages. 

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