7 Best Change Management Software For Seamless Transitions

change management software

The correct change management software could drastically improve an organization’s time and efforts. It provides a clear view of all the changes that are done to an organization and its effects.

Change management software enables the monitoring and processing of management changes. It manages documents and code. Also, known as configuration management it includes such changes as implementing new technology including large-scale data information overhauls.

The software basically identifies the transition from existing software to the state of new or improved software or data.

here are 7 of the best change management software for effective progress.

1. Alloy Navigator

change management software

In an IT environment, sudden changes can pose significant difficulties and negatively impact services. To mitigate these risks, it is crucial to raise awareness, implement protective measures, and monitor changes at the device level.

Alloy Navigator offers a comprehensive IT solution that includes multi-stage approvals, Self-Service Portal support, Asset Intelligence, and intelligent workflow capabilities.

2. GitLab

change management software

GitLab simplifies Source Code Management. The utilization of version control in GitLab facilitates seamless collaboration and enhances productivity within your development team, resulting in expedited delivery and improved visibility.

By leveraging its Git-based repository, GitLab empowers efficient code reviews, asset version control, feedback loops, and robust branching patterns, enabling your developers to effectively address challenges and deliver valuable solutions.

3. Lemon Learning

change management software

Lemon Learning aids your organization in optimizing the utilization of everyday applications by offering interactive guides seamlessly integrated into your software. Our software supports various platforms including Salesforce, Workday, Infor, SAP, Oracle, and more.

By implementing Lemon Learning, your organization can reap numerous advantages such as enhanced tools, increased user engagement and productivity, and a significant reduction in support expenses.

4. Issuetrak

change management software

If you require assistance in documenting your processes for compliance, tracking preventive maintenance, or managing change requests across departments, look no further than Issuetrak. Issuetrak offers a comprehensive solution that encompasses a variety of features for change management and seamless auditing, all within a centralized platform.

With its robust auto-assignment tools, timely alerts, and notifications for stakeholders or regulatory agencies, as well as efficient task and workflow management, Issuetrak guarantees that you will consistently make confident decisions. By leveraging automated processes, you can achieve complete visibility over issues and optimize your operations for maximum efficiency.

5. BOSSDesk

change management software

The BOSSDesk Change Management process facilitates team collaboration and secures support from multiple stakeholders through effective communication and approval procedures.

BOSSDesk is a comprehensive ITIL-based Service Desk/Help Desk and IT Asset Management solution, accessible in both Cloud and On-Premise formats. It features an acclaimed user-friendly interface and a robust Service Catalog, earning high customer satisfaction for its cost-effective ITSM solution and exceptional customer support.

BOSS serves government, education, finance, healthcare, and any organization seeking to adopt contemporary Help Desk ticketing, Service Desk, Service Delivery, and IT Service Management practices.

6. Freshservice

change management software

Freshservice is an online change management solution that adheres to ITIL standards. It offers a unique approach by combining a user-friendly interface with robust ticketing and asset management features.

This application stands out as the most intuitive and user-friendly option available. Alongside essential functionalities such as Incident, Problem, Release, and Asset Management, Freshservice also provides the ability to store your knowledge base in the cloud.

7. Wrike

change management software

Wrike, a highly versatile change management platform, is utilized by over two million individuals globally. This software offers a comprehensive solution for planning, monitoring, and adapting to organizational transformations, all in one convenient location.

With Kanban boards, track changes and redistribute tasks, while easy-to-configure Gantt charts allow for the adjustment of milestones to accommodate new priorities. Custom-built reports provide an overview of your project portfolio and assess results.

Wrike is the ideal solution for mid-sized and enterprise companies that prioritize teamwork, manage multiple projects, and serve clients. Customize Wrike to your specific needs with custom workflows, fields, and reports to simplify the entire change management process.

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