8 Best Commercial Real Estate Software For A Thorough Strategy

commercial real estate software

The right commercial real estate software could greatly improve the business process and create a more effective workflow. It provides a centralized management platform.

Commercial real estate software (CRE) enables the user to manage leads, marketing, and customer support. The software provides common area maintenance, a strategy, and all business processes.

The software streamlines all areas of the real estate process from a centralized platform.

Here are 8 of the Best Commercial Real Estate Software for Professional Management.

1. Nakisa Real Estate

commercial real estate software

Nakisa Real Estate is an innovative cloud-based platform specifically developed for commercial real estate teams, aiming to optimize their daily operations and enhance their portfolio management in accordance with ASC 842 and IFRS 16 regulations.

With a deep understanding of the CRE industry, Nakisa provides a comprehensive range of industry-specific functionalities, including CAM reconciliation, payment and rent tables, percentage rent calculations, detailed reports and dashboards, critical date tracking, and much more.

The seamless integration with ERP systems enables bidirectional data synchronization, ensuring the utmost accuracy and reliability.

2. Dealpath

commercial real estate software

Dealpath is a highly reputable and specialized real estate platform that is widely trusted within the industry. It enables numerous prominent institutions such as Blackstone, AEW, Oxford Properties, Principal Real Estate, and Bridge Investment Group to effectively invest in the realm of real estate.

Acting as a centralized hub, Dealpath serves as the ultimate authority, offering verified and up-to-date deal information, along with relevant files and tasks.

This comprehensive platform facilitates data-driven analysis and informed decision-making, ultimately leading to the attainment of optimal and risk-adjusted returns.

3. LoanBoss

commercial real estate software

LoanBoss is a cutting-edge loan management software designed for the commercial real estate and multifamily industry. With LoanBoss, your firm can effortlessly centralize all your loan information, ensuring that you stay on top of your calculations and debt information.

Our software presents your data in an easily understandable and actionable way, with live interest rates that allow for current and projected calculations in real-time.

Additionally, LoanBoss offers fully customizable reports and notifications to help you stay organized and make critical and strategic decisions faster and smarter.

4. AppFolio Investment Manager

commercial real estate software

AppFolio Investment Manager offers a comprehensive suite of commercial real estate (CRE) solutions designed to enhance profitability, streamline operations, and facilitate investment activities.

Our platform enables you to optimize various aspects of your business, including back-office operations such as waterfall distributions, performance dashboards, and fundraising tracking.

Additionally, our integrated CRM and Investor Portal elevate and automate investor communications, enhancing relationship management. Furthermore, our cutting-edge AppFolio Alphaâ„¢ tool provides visualizations of crucial asset data, empowering you with a competitive advantage in asset management.

5. Innago

commercial real estate software

Innago offers a user-friendly and cost-effective commercial property management software solution that aims to simplify the rental process for landlords of all sizes. Our goal is to provide an accessible and affordable alternative to the overwhelming and expensive options available in the market.

With Innago, you can effortlessly manage various tasks such as rent collection, tenant screening, property listing, work order management, application creation, lease signing, financial organization, tenant communication, and more.

6. Juniper Square

commercial real estate software

Juniper Square is an innovative platform that streamlines partnership enablement within the private fund industry. It offers a holistic approach for General Partners and Limited Partners to seamlessly connect and communicate throughout every stage of their partnerships, spanning from fundraising to investor management to fund administration.

Through the utilization of Juniper Square, investment managers can accelerate fundraising efforts, improve operational effectiveness, and elevate investor satisfaction.

7. Yardi Breeze

commercial real estate software

Yardi Breeze offers a straightforward solution for managing residential and commercial properties. This software comes equipped with integrated accounting, online marketing and leasing, screening, and insurance, as well as online portals for effortless rent collection, service requests, payments, and owner reporting.

The setup process is hassle-free, and pricing begins at a mere $1 per unit per month for residential properties. For those in need of more advanced features and controls, Yardi Breeze Premier or Yardi Voyager are available options.


commercial real estate software

VERO provides an innovative solution that revolutionizes the screening and leasing process for residential applicants. Through our advanced platform, individuals looking to rent, property owners, and operators can seamlessly navigate the entire leasing journey with unparalleled efficiency.

Our cutting-edge technology, protected by a patent, meticulously verifies crucial applicant metrics, enabling swift and informed leasing decisions.

VERO’s contemporary leasing infrastructure empowers customers to effortlessly monitor and finalize a higher number of agreements, ultimately maximizing their revenue while minimizing any associated challenges.

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