7 Best Community Software For Advanced Digital Environment

community software

Online community software facilitates the creation of a digital environment that enables engagement by managing, hosting, and management of an online community. Within such a community, members can engage in discussions and exchange ideas on topics of shared interest.

Enterprises leverage online community management platforms to establish a centralized digital space for constructive dialogues with their employees or customers, and to solicit feedback on their ideas, products, or services.

This approach enables companies to address support issues, gauge satisfaction levels, monitor activity, foster stronger relationships with community members, and ultimately gain valuable strategic insights to enhance community engagement.

Here are 7 of the Best Community Software for An Interest Sharing Process.

1. FLOOR by 10Times

community software

FLOOR by 10Times is a virtual space that enables you to construct, expand, and oversee your community. Powered by 10Times, it is seamlessly integrated with event management software. This comprehensive virtual event suite is fortified with top-notch systems and access permissions, ensuring utmost security.

It empowers you to efficiently handle, promote, and monetize your virtual event. Whether you are organizing a standalone online event or a hybrid one with physical components, such as summits, meetups, keynote conferences, awards, expos, meetings, live roadshows, or training events, FLOOR by 10Times is the ideal platform.

It offers real-time, centralized, and synchronized content management, as well as contact management. Additionally, it features an in-built event website and a white-label event app builder. Furthermore, event analytics are available to monitor and evaluate the performance of your event.

2. AlumnForce

community software

AlumnForce is a specialized social network solution designed exclusively for educational institutions, including schools, universities, alumni associations, and foundations. Its primary objective is to foster meaningful connections among students, graduates, alumni, recruiters, professors, and administrators.

The platform offers extensive customization options to align with the community’s branding and is equipped with modular functionalities that can be tailored to address your organization’s specific needs. With a global presence, AlumnForce is trusted by over 300 alumni networks worldwide.

3. Uuki

community software

Ant Media Server, a Java, C, and C++ open-source software, enables the seamless streaming of live broadcasts and recorded videos across various devices such as desktop computers, laptops, mobile devices, and IPTV boxes. The standout feature of Ant Media Server lies in its ability to provide ultra-low latency WebRTC live streaming.

The software is available in two versions: the Community version and the Enterprise version. In the Community version, users can broadcast using WebRTC and watch content through HLS and RTMP. On the other hand, the Enterprise version offers an exceptional ultra-low latency live broadcast experience with WebRTC technology, boasting an average delay of just 0.5 seconds.

4. GeoGebra

community software

GeoGebra is a comprehensive mathematics software that seamlessly integrates geometry, algebra, spreadsheets, graphing, statistics, and calculus, catering to all educational levels. With its user-friendly interface, GeoGebra offers a unified platform for educators and learners alike.

Boasting a vast and ever-growing user base spanning numerous countries, GeoGebra has emerged as the foremost provider of dynamic mathematics software. Its unwavering commitment to STEM education and advancements in teaching and learning have solidified its position as a global leader in the field.

5. Mautic

community software

Mautic Community Edition is a software solution for cross-channel campaign management, offering users the ability to create email campaigns, nurture leads, customize messages, conduct A/B tests, and analyze outcomes. This open-source edition is backed by the community.

Support is provided for Acquia Campaign Studio, a platform built on Mautic technology that was acquired by Acquia in May 2019. Acquia Campaign Studio is accessible through the Acquia Digital Experience Platform.

6. Swonkie

community software

Enhance Your Social Media Presence with Swonkie. Our cutting-edge and affordable marketing platform is dedicated to elevating your social media performance and achieving superior outcomes, relied upon by numerous social media managers every day.

We pledge to accompany you on this expedition, offering optimal solutions for your social media activities. Swonkie’s software is tailored to streamline social media management, providing a range of tools for Publications and scheduling, Analytics and competitors, Influence Marketing, Inbox and Community Management, Team Workflow, and Social Listening.

7. Communal

community software

Communal is a comprehensive software solution tailored to meet the needs of community-focused
organizations. Our cutting-edge features encompass membership management, facility rentals, volunteer management, and program registrations.

By leveraging our platform, organizations can effectively engage their members and customers, thereby fostering a more significant community impact. Whether you are a non-profit aiming to streamline member organizations or a community center striving to maximize facility revenues, Communal is purposefully crafted to cater to your specific requirements.

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