7 Best Compensation Management Software For Advanced Administration

compensation management software

Compensation management software facilitates the planning and administration of employee compensation packages within organizations. Also referred to as compensation planning or compensation solutions, this software effectively manages salaries through an administrative dashboard or data visualization, develops merit matrices, and generates reports on company compensation data.

The utilization of compensation management software enables organizations to view and adjust compensation policies, plan employee bonuses and structure incentives, and recommend pay adjustments.

Typically, HR departments implement compensation management systems, which enable managers to develop streamlined compensation strategies for their teams. This approach ensures equitable employee compensation and optimizes salary budgets.

Here are 7 of the Best Compensation Management Software for Adjustment Viewing.

1. Leapsome

compensation management software

CEOs and HR teams at companies such as Spotify, monday.com, and Unity utilize Leapsome’s people enablement platform to connect performance management, employee engagement, and learning.

Leapsome offers a comprehensive suite of tools for Goals & OKRs Management, Performance Reviews and 360s, Development Frameworks, Employee Learning and onboarding, Employee Engagement Surveys, Feedback and Praise, Compensation, and Promotions, and Meetings.

With Leapsome, companies can effectively close the loop between performance, engagement, and development through top-notch review cycles, engagement surveys, and other features.

Unlike other performance management platforms, Leapsome’s platform integrates performance management, employee engagement, personalized learning, and compensation management, empowering managers and supporting employees to foster a feedback culture within their organization.

2. Paycom

compensation management software

For almost a quarter of a century, Paycom Software, Inc. (NYSE:PAYC) has simplified the operations of businesses and enhanced the lives of its employees by providing user-friendly HR and payroll technology.

This technology enables employees to have direct access to their data, promoting transparency. Additionally, Paycom’s innovative solution, Beti, empowers employees to handle their own payroll and offers guidance to identify and rectify costly errors prior to payroll submission.

Paycom’s software not only streamlines processes such as onboarding, benefits enrollment, and talent management but also grants employees control over their own HR information through a single app. The company’s exceptional technology and workplace culture have earned it national recognition, allowing Paycom to cater to businesses of all sizes in the United States and abroad.

3. Salary.com

compensation management software

Salary.com, the top provider of compensation market data, software, and analytics, enables HR professionals to efficiently and accurately achieve internal pay equity and adapt to market changes. With a 360° view of compensation practices, Salary.com delivers reliable market pay data and career content to hundreds of thousands of consumers annually.

As the leading SaaS provider of cloud-based compensation market data and analytics, Salary.com brings trusted data and intuitive software to organizations, ensuring they get paid right.

4. Lattice Assemble

compensation management software

Lattice offers a comprehensive People Management Platform that integrates various tools, workflows, and insights to assist organizations in cultivating engaged and high-performing employees within a successful culture.

With a unified solution that combines continuous performance management, employee engagement surveys, compensation management, and career development tools, Lattice provides robust people analytics that HR and people teams can leverage to drive significant business results. Our ultimate goal at Lattice is to enhance the significance of work.

5. CompUp

compensation management software

CompUp is a comprehensive compensation platform that facilitates the benchmarking, planning, and communication of compensation for rewards teams.

By consolidating all compensation data and benchmarks in a single location, it empowers companies to achieve equitable pay for all. Our solution offers a plethora of valuable insights through the utilization of compensation data. It simplifies the process for C&B teams to conduct numerous appraisal simulations and executive appraisals seamlessly.

Additionally, the platform seamlessly integrates compensation benchmarks from salary benchmarking vendors, ensuring that relevant stakeholders within a company have immediate access to benchmarking data.

6. Payfactors

compensation management software

Payfactors is a platform that assists organizations in developing compensation programs that are both scalable and data-driven. Our primary objective is to provide organizations with access to market data, enabling them to make fair pay decisions.

Additionally, our platform offers functionality that allows users to create pay structures, ensuring that pay decisions remain fair and equitable over time. By consolidating all relevant information, including pay compression data, our platform facilitates reporting and analytics, making it effortless to disseminate this crucial information throughout the organization.

Furthermore, Payfactors offers various tools that enable organizations to expand into key areas such as job descriptions, compensation planning, and pay equity analysis. We prioritize collaborative compensation, encouraging users to involve key stakeholders in the decision-making process and seek their feedback.

This collaborative approach helps users gain a better understanding of the parameters within which pay decisions should be made. Ultimately, our goal is to foster more equitable workplaces, supported by data, and enhance communication regarding pay with employees.

7. Compport

compensation management software

Compport is an all-inclusive integrated SaaS solution that effectively manages various compensation plans. These plans encompass candidate offers, annual and ad-hoc salary reviews, bonus and incentive schemes, customized sales incentive plans, long-term incentive plans, rewards, and recognition programs, as well as salary structuring.

The uniqueness of Compport lies in its 100% modular nature, allowing users to design single or multiple compensation plans with utmost flexibility. Additionally, it facilitates the comparison and assessment of the plans’ impact and budget beforehand.

Once designed, the plans can be shared with line managers for their review of salary-related components specific to their respective teams. Furthermore, Compport enables seamless communication with employees through digital means, providing them access to letters and total rewards statements, among other features.

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