7 Best Compliance Software For Risk Management

compliance software

Compliance software pertains to the software tools utilized by an organization to oversee its internal systems and controls, with the aim of adhering to mandated standards and regulations.

It is designed to integrate with an organization’s compliance risk management strategy, thereby enabling continuous tracking, monitoring, and review of the organization’s compliance with pertinent rules and regulations, as well as the standards and expectations of its clientele.

The implementation of compliance software can facilitate the process of achieving and maintaining regulatory compliance, while its ongoing monitoring can bolster an organization’s overall security posture.

Here are 7 of the Best Compliance Software for an Effective Management Strategy.

1. Filejet

compliance software

Filejet is a cutting-edge automated Legal Entity Management platform, Filejet, simplifies compliance procedures through automation. Our SaaS platform automates various tasks such as annual reports, registered agent services, business license renewals, and more, thereby improving transparency.

We combine Software and Services with committed support teams to serve as your trusted partners. To ensure compliance, we maintain an audit trail for all users. With our latest 3.0 software version, key administrators can exercise greater control, including soft deletes.

2. SafetyAmp

compliance software

SafetyAmp’s cutting-edge EHS management platform empowers modern workforces to uphold compliance, surpass objectives, and prevent accidents. Our shared objective is to guarantee the safe return of every employee to their loved ones.

SafetyAmp facilitates the tracking and reporting of safety data, monitoring of leading indicators, provision of novel insights, and transformation of outcomes for your employees, safety team, and leadership. Embrace the future of safety reporting, all while adhering to a budget that accommodates organizations of any scale.

3. Hyperproof

compliance software

Hyperproof is a compliance software designed to efficiently manage your compliance operations on a large scale.

With its pre-built framework templates, automated evidence collection and testing, task management, and audit preparedness, Hyperproof streamlines team collaboration and eliminates repetitive compliance work. This allows you to focus on strategic efforts and be ready for your auditor at all times.

4. Onspring

compliance software

Onspring provides a comprehensive overview of your control environment, allowing you to closely monitor compliance processes from various perspectives.

Our cloud-based software enables you to establish connections between controls, laws, regulations, best practices, strategic objectives, and business processes effortlessly.

Streamline control testing and effectively address issues through automated workflow management. Stay up-to-date on compliance with real-time reporting via customizable and dynamic dashboards.

5. Satori

compliance software

Satori, a Data Security Platform (DSP), empowers users with self-service data access through a data portal, expediting the time-to-value of data. Satori efficiently manages security and compliance requirements, allowing users to concentrate on data analytics and AI, and enhancing the productivity of data engineering teams.

Additionally, security teams gain enhanced visibility and control over sensitive data access, along with continuous sensitive data discovery and a comprehensive multi-cloud DAM solution.

6. Smice

compliance software

The Smice App is a powerful tool designed to assist employees, particularly network managers and coordinators, in conducting internal audits, coaching sessions, and competitive analysis with ease. With the Smice platform, users can access customizable dashboards to view the results of their efforts.

This app is specifically tailored to the hospitality and retail industry, providing teams with the necessary coaching on sales, competitive intelligence, and various internal audits such as CSR, hygiene, safety, merchandising, work, and feedback.

7. DocTract

compliance software

DocTract is a contemporary and user-friendly solution for managing policies and training in the cloud. It can be swiftly implemented in organizations of all sizes and types. DocTract offers a comprehensive workflow that includes collaboration, approvals, publishing, and periodic reviews.

With a single click, employees can sign off on documents using their mobile devices or workstations. Additionally, DocTract provides easy access to complete tests, view videos, and search for published documents using full-text search. It is a quick and accessible tool for all your policy management and training needs.

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