5 Best Conversational Intelligence Software For Call Analysis

conversational intelligence software

Conversational intelligence software (CI) is designed to record, transcribe, and analyze sales calls. By analyzing these calls, the software is able to identify important keywords and topics of conversation.

This allows users to quickly navigate to specific points in the recorded calls and gain further insights. Businesses can utilize CI software to make notes on crucial conversations with potential buyers, identify potentially risky or noncompliant topics, provide guidance to new sales representatives based on best practices, and explore other potential use cases derived from the analysis and transcription of sales calls.

Furthermore, sales coaching software offers additional features that enable sales representatives to easily access and organize sales deals that are currently in progress.

Here are 5 of the Best Conversational Intelligence Software for Advanced Sales Call Supervision.

1. Avoma

conversational intelligence software

Avoma is a comprehensive AI meeting assistant designed specifically for customer-facing teams. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, Avoma enables these teams to effectively capture and utilize vital customer information throughout the entire meeting process. Avoma’s advanced technology analyzes conversation insights and intelligence, empowering representatives to expedite sales cycles and enhance customer satisfaction.

With Avoma, users can effortlessly record all meetings, access complete transcripts and concise summaries, and receive actionable insights seamlessly integrated with their CRM system. The platform also facilitates efficient review of calls and meetings by enabling direct searches within transcripts and utilizing identified topics to locate specific information.

As an AI-powered meeting assistant, Avoma serves as an invaluable tool for Sales and Customer Success teams, enabling them to capture, transcribe, summarize, analyze, and collaborate on every customer conversation, all on a scalable level. By leveraging Avoma, teams can significantly boost productivity, foster peer coaching and knowledge sharing, and ultimately achieve higher deal closure rates while ensuring customer satisfaction.

2. Convin

conversational intelligence software

Convin is a contact center software powered by AI that utilizes conversation intelligence to capture, transcribe, and evaluate customer interactions. It caters to omnichannel contact centers and conducts comprehensive quality audits across various communication channels such as calls, chats, and emails.

This all-in-one solution is designed to enhance agent performance, elevate customer experience, and maximize the return on investment for your contact center. Additionally, it offers features like call listening, randomizer, call auditing, and custom reporting. Users can also provide intuitive feedback through audio and video comments, which prompt automatic sending of reports and feedback.

3. Gong

conversational intelligence software

The Revenue Intelligence Platform (by Gong) revolutionizes organizations by providing a precise comprehension of customer interactions, resulting in enhanced operational effectiveness, informed decision-making, and expedited revenue growth.

This platform empowers companies to effortlessly capture, comprehend, and take action on all customer interactions within a unified and comprehensive system. Gong’s Revenue Intelligence Platform employs exclusive and patented AI technology to accurately interpret customer interactions, thereby amplifying visibility, driving decision-making, and aligning organizational strategies to achieve favorable outcomes.

The patented Gong Revenue Intelligence Platform captures and comprehends each customer interaction, subsequently delivering extensive insights that enable revenue teams to make data-driven decisions rather than relying on subjective opinions.

4. Mindtickle

conversational intelligence software

MindTickle provides a comprehensive sales readiness and enablement solution that leverages data-driven strategies to enhance brand value and drive revenue growth for a wide range of Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies, as well as other globally recognized companies across various sectors including technology, life sciences, financial services, manufacturing, and service industries.

Through purpose-built applications, proven methodologies, and industry best practices, MindTickle enables effective sales onboarding and ongoing readiness, empowering companies from diverse industries to utilize its innovative capabilities such as on-demand, online training, bite-sized mobile updates, gamification-based learning, coaching, and role-play.

These features guarantee exceptional sales performance and empower company leaders and sellers to continuously evaluate, diagnose, and cultivate the necessary knowledge, skills, and behaviors to effectively engage customers and drive growth.

5. Haptik

conversational intelligence software

Salesken.ai is an innovative conversational intelligence platform that optimizes sales team performance while minimizing acquisition costs. This cutting-edge tool empowers sales representatives with real-time cues during conversations, enabling them to engage customers more effectively.

With comprehensive Call Analytics, including emotions, objections, and intent, managers and sales reps gain visibility into every call, providing invaluable insights into the final stage of customer-salesperson interactions.

Salesken.ai allows you to observe your sales team’s communication skills during calls, presentations, and webinars, providing valuable feedback on their strengths and areas for improvement. Moreover, Salesken.ai offers customized learning content to help your sales team elevate their skills and achieve success.

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