7 Best CPQ Software For Advance Sales Procedures

cpq software

CPQ software is the ultimate solution for companies looking to streamline their quoting and proposal process. From the very moment a customer expresses their requirements, to the final step of sending a comprehensive quote, this software automates the entire lifecycle.

Sales departments can now expedite the sales process, ensuring impeccable accuracy in quotes and fostering stronger customer relationships. With CPQ software, companies can effortlessly identify and cater to each customer’s unique needs, delivering custom quotes that perfectly align with their requirements.

These cutting-edge products are seamlessly integrated with existing CRM software or can be easily integrated with multiple CRM tools.

Here are 7 of the Best CPQ Software For Sale Alignment.

1. Subskribe

cpq software

Subskribe is an adaptive platform that offers quoting, billing, and revenue services to modern SaaS companies. It is a completely unified system that eliminates silos and requires zero reconciliation from quote to revenue.

This platform has been developed in collaboration with some of the world’s leading SaaS companies to help businesses maximize revenue through innovative deal structures such as ramp-up engagements, mid-term upsells, and flexible discounts. The result is faster time-to-market, increased top-line growth, and significant operational savings.

The software is designed to accommodate deals that evolve over time. It is built around a single repository of dynamic orders that can be modified down to the individual line item. This eliminates silos, confusion, and the need for manual reconciliation.

Subskribe offers a single product catalog and pricing engine, and invoicing is order-line based, ensuring ASC-606-compliant revenue recognition.

2. Quoter

cpq software

The Quote to Cash platform offered by our company is designed to assist IT Service Providers in saving time and increasing their revenues. We encourage you to upgrade your quote-to-cash process today.

With our online quoting software, Quoter, sales teams can send winning sales quotes within minutes. Our platform is user-friendly, and our automation workflows and unlimited user pricing plans will enable your team to generate more quotes than ever before.

Quoter is a modern and cloud-based quoting platform that specifically caters to MSPs, VARs, and ISVs. By utilizing our simple template-based system, the Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) process is automated, allowing your representatives to effortlessly create visually appealing quotes in a matter of seconds.

Furthermore, our platform seamlessly integrates with popular PSAs such as ConnectWise, Autotask, and Kaseya, as well as CRMs like Salesforce and Hubspot. Additionally, we have established partnerships with leading Distributors such as Ingram Micro and Tech Data, and our platform is compatible with various Accounting Tools including Xero and Quickbooks Online.

3. Dealhub

cpq software

DealHub provides a comprehensive solution for the entire quote-to-revenue process, aimed at accelerating sales processes. As the sole low-code commerce engine that balances customizability with business agility, DealHub enables mid-market and enterprise leaders to optimize their teams and processes, expedite deal execution, and create more effective and predictable pipelines.

With the aid of CPQ, CLM, Billing, and Subscription Management solutions, all powered by an intuitive Sales Playbook, teams can generate proposals, finalize deals, manage contracts, and automate their subscriptions and billing from a single, unified location. DealHub also centralizes buyer/seller communications and provides all the necessary tools to close deals in a digital DealRoom.

4. Expedite Commerce

cpq software

Expedite Commerce provides a cloud-based Agile Revenue Platform that facilitates the digital transformation of your quote-to-cash cycle through its B2B eCommerce Storefront solution, CPQ software, Contract Automation and Lifecycle Management software, Subscription Billing software, and Subscription Management software.

Expedite Commerce’s solutions encompass a wide range of tools, dashboards, and insights that can be utilized by B2B leaders in the marketing, sales, and finance departments to enhance their operational efficiency and strategic decision-making.

5. MonetizeNow

cpq software

MonetizeNow, established in January 2021 and headquartered in Santa Clara, California, is a comprehensive revenue automation platform specifically designed for B2B SaaS.

MonetizeNow’s integrated Quoting (CPQ), Billing, and Usage platform offers a streamlined Quote-to-Cash process that effectively manages all pricing models and sales channels, eliminating the need for separate solutions within your GTM architecture. The software stands out as the sole full-cycle revenue platform exclusively tailored for B2B SaaS.

Unlike other CPQ or Q2C vendors who offer generic solutions, which require extensive implementation and maintenance efforts to customize their offerings for our industry, MonetizeNow ensures a more flexible and cost-effective approach.

These alternative solutions become increasingly fragile and expensive to maintain as you expand your operations. Additionally, you may find yourself needing to invest in additional technology as your GTM strategy evolves.

6. Paperless Parts

cpq software

Paperless Parts is dedicated to assisting job shops, contract manufacturers, and finishing companies in enhancing and expanding their operations by providing them with the most advanced, secure, cloud-based estimating and quoting system available.

The platform, which supports a wide range of manufacturing processes such as CNC lathe, CNC milling Swiss screw machining, sheet metal fabrication, additive manufacturing, wire EDM, waterjet, laser cutting, and cast urethane, is more than just a quoting tool.

It is a sales, pricing, and revenue generation tool that enables manufacturers to streamline their existing workflows by combining modern business process automation tools with a configurable geometric pricing engine that drives speed and consistency in the quoting process.

7. Proposify

cpq software

Proposify is an advanced online proposal software that empowers users with control and visibility over the crucial stage of their sales process – the close. With Proposify, users can confidently navigate deal design and sign-off, ensuring they have the flexibility and confidence to dominate their sales deals.

One of the key benefits of using Proposify is the ability to create impressive sales documents that maintain consistency and are free from errors. This ensures that users can present their proposals in a professional and polished manner, leaving a lasting impression on their clients.

Additionally, Proposify provides valuable insights that enable users to scale their sales process, engage with prospects in a timely manner, and accurately forecast their sales outcomes. By leveraging these insights, users can make informed decisions and optimize their sales strategies for maximum success.

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