7 Best Demand Planning Software For Forecast Preparation

demand planning software

Demand planning software offers businesses forecasting solutions that aid in their preparation for future customer demand. Enterprises employ demand planning tools to strategize and oversee future inventory and production.

These solutions assist businesses in meeting their customers’ requirements by accurately predicting their long-term needs. By ensuring that the appropriate quantity and type of inventory is readily available when required, businesses can effectively prepare for upcoming demands.

Demand planning solutions heavily rely on predictive analysis and are frequently incorporated into supply chain management solutions. This tool can further enhance predictions by incorporating machine learning software, which analyzes historical data.

Here are 7 of the Best Demand Planning Software for Predictive Analysis.

1. Slim4

demand planning software

For the past three decades, our organization has been fully committed to assisting businesses in enhancing their supply chain decision-making processes in a timely and efficient manner. Our primary areas of focus include demand planning, portfolio management, supply planning, and inventory optimization, all of which are encompassed within our award-winning Slim4 platform, providing a comprehensive solution for supply chain optimization.

Through the provision of valuable insights and enhanced visibility to key decision-makers, we enable retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers to achieve operational excellence. As evidenced by the trust of over 1300 satisfied customers, our Slim4 platform has proven to be a reliable tool for improving service, reducing operational costs, and unlocking performance improvements throughout the supply chain.

2. Alloy.ai

demand planning software

Alloy.ai is a specialized demand and inventory control tower designed to assist consumer goods brands in increasing product sales, saving time, and resolving intricate supply chain obstacles.

The foundation of Alloy.ai lies in a data platform that is fortified by over 850 pre-established connectors, enabling the seamless integration of daily SKU-store level point of sale (POS) and inventory data with supply chain data.

This integration empowers brands with comprehensive and instantaneous visibility into demand and inventory throughout their network. Our cloud-based platform serves as a central hub for identifying issues and opportunities, enabling immediate responses, and predicting potential sales and supply chain complications that may escalate into significant problems.

3. EazyStock

demand planning software

EazyStock is a cloud-based inventory optimization solution designed for wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers, and retailers. By seamlessly integrating with your existing ERP system, EazyStock automates your inventory management processes, resulting in reduced excess inventory, improved service levels, decreased manual inventory management efforts, and overall time and cost savings.

With its robust built-in platform, EazyStock offers the ideal solution for small- and mid-sized businesses seeking to optimize their inventory management practices. Key features include automated demand forecasting, efficient replenishment execution, multi-location planning capabilities, seasonality management, supplier management, and more.

4. Blue Ridge Global

demand planning software

Blue Ridge offers intelligent software solutions for demand planning, replenishment, inventory optimization, and sales & operations planning. Our software is designed to deliver a positive return on investment and position you at the forefront of supply chain success.

Our supply chain management system is simple, scalable, and powerful, eliminating the need for spreadsheets or inadequate ERP planning modules. We provide a data-driven, AI-powered supply chain planning engine, supported by world-class assistance.

With a track record of 100% success, Blue Ridge consistently delivers game-changing victories to our customers. For over a decade, we have been trusted by distributors, manufacturers, and retailers worldwide.

Our streamlined and user-friendly solution, along with our strategic LifeLine program, ensures that selecting the right supply chain management partner is no longer a guessing game. Our proven results speak for themselves.

5. NetStock

demand planning software

Netstock’s Predictive Planning Suiteā„¢ seamlessly integrates with leading ERP systems, providing businesses with the ability to optimize inventory while effectively responding to changes in supply and demand. By harnessing the intelligence within your ERP data, Netstock enhances inventory visibility, enabling you to place orders more efficiently, minimize stock-outs, reduce excess inventory, and optimize capacity planning within your supply chain.

With Netstock, you can ensure that you always have the appropriate stock available in the correct quantities and at the right time.

This advanced predictive engine, infused with artificial intelligence and machine learning, offers the same level of forecasting capabilities as inventory planning systems designed for large-scale enterprises. Pivot Forecasting introduces predictability into your demand and supply planning processes, allowing you to anticipate future outcomes and scenarios.

Pivot Forecasting enables you to forecast from various perspectives, including bottom-up, top-down, and middle-out approaches. You can forecast based on sub-SKU attributes, channels, customers, or regions, and work with any unit of measurement.

By planning across multiple dimensions, you can generate product and channel-specific forecasts on a weekly or daily basis, establishing a harmonious relationship between forecasting and planning executives within your organization. Additionally, you can predict future outcomes of events and promotions across different products, customers, and categories.

6. StockIQ

demand planning software

StockIQ is a sophisticated software solution designed for intelligent supply chain planning. It caters specifically to the needs of the distribution and manufacturing industries. This comprehensive tool encompasses various aspects of supply chain management, including demand management, replenishment planning, supplier planning, promotion planning, and monitoring, as well as inventory and capacity planning.

One of the key features of StockIQ is its ability to expedite the Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) processes. By facilitating seamless collaboration among sales, marketing, supply chain, finance, and partners, this software ensures timely and efficient decision-making. Additionally, StockIQ offers an inventory reporting solution that further enhances the S&OP processes, enabling businesses to optimize their operations and maximize profitability.

7. Solvoyo

demand planning software

Solvoyo is a cloud-native SaaS platform that specializes in supply chain planning and analytics. Our platform offers comprehensive end-to-end decision-making capabilities with minimal intervention required.

Our primary objective is to promote supply chain proficiency to all those who seek it. To achieve this goal, we have developed a cutting-edge platform that provides a singular, straightforward, and gratifying solution. Our aim is to ensure that our platform is the only supply chain planning tool that our customers will ever need.

Despite the widespread adoption of technology, two-thirds of global supply chain planning is still reliant on spreadsheets. This dependence on manual work impedes the sharing of insights across various departments, thereby hindering organizations’ ability to respond to customer needs with agility.

Organizations that seek to reduce their reliance on manual work often invest in traditional ERP systems. While these systems may provide basic planning and forecasting logic, the increasingly complex and uncertain business environment demands much more than that.

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