5 Best Digital Workplace Software For Higher Productivity

digital workplace software

Choosing the right Digital Workplace Software is very important for future experience. Basically, software that lets you work from anywhere and makes all the qualifications for your needs is a little complex since technology nowadays gives us more than one choice.

In an industry where you can work from anywhere and your company can trust that work will be done is a challenge that is understandable.

Digital Workplace Software lets you work for your company from anywhere, on any device at all times of the day.


1. Breakroom

digital workplace software

Breakroom is a fully customized digital workplace software. It is built for all virtual needs which makes remote work very intuitive and easy to use.

Its features include social spaces, meeting rooms, office spaces, a way for teams to connect and communicate with other co-workers or clientele, advanced evolutionary screens, and a webcam that lets you share whiteboards and messaging tools.

2. Robin

digital workplace software

Robin lets you choose where and how to start working remotely. Used by businesses small and large it is ideal for organizing and conducting many shores successfully.

With Robin Digital Workplace software you can schedule meetings, desks, and team members from thousands of business places or buildings around the world with a professional presence.

3. Miro

digital workplace software

Miro Digital Workplace software works with teams of any size and capacity, it is currently used by over 30 million team members around the world.

Miro comes with an infinite canvas that allows users to store, group, and share files, documents, images videos, and photos in a very professional platform. It lets teams cross-collaborate and lets users have more advantages for accessibility to any part of the system.

4. Jostle

digital workplace software

Jostle brings you a totally new and advanced way of working from anywhere. Users can use the Digital Workforce anywhere to communicate and share files and information at a very secure level that brings trust to any company that uses it.

Over 1,000 businesses have been using the software, reporting increased productivity and overall higher user performance in the working environment. Workers have reported personal satisfaction with using the software, in workplaces such as Citizens Bank, ASOS, and the University of Illinois.

5. ActivTrak

digital workplace software

ActivTrak is very successful in bringing a mutual work environment between employers and employees, so they can achieve their full potential.

ActivTrak brings you its resourceful cloud analytics to provide visibility and insights into business and
people sharing the system. It brings technology that lets you make key decisions to let you optimize your working environment.

Over 9,000 users are using ActivTrak and it has been given an award for excellence in technology by Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Inc.

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