7 Best Disaster Recovery Software For Rapid Organization Restoration

disaster recovery software

Choosing the right disaster recovery software is a great opportunity for any organization to get informed about the options we now have and how far technology has advanced over the years.

Preventive planning is always a good thing especially if you are taking care of a large organization. Disaster recovery software will make it easy for any company large or small to take safety measures just in case.

Recovery software is designed to work with cloud computing and have an automatic backup and an effective recovery solution. Some software has off-site remote backups, backup imaging, or disk-to-disk to external storage devices.

A specialized recovery software offers always-on monitoring that tracks all changes to protect the system and ensures a backup.

Here are 7 of the Best Disaster Recovery Software for Preventive Measures.


disaster recovery software

Cohesity introduces a revolutionary era in data management by addressing a significant obstacle encountered by businesses today: mass data fragmentation.

The majority of enterprise data backups, archives, file shares, object stores, and data utilized for test/dev and analytics are scattered across fragmented infrastructure silos.

This fragmentation poses challenges in terms of data protection, management costs, and analytical complexities. Cohesity resolves these issues by consolidating these silos onto a single web-scale platform that extends across on-premises, cloud, and edge environments.

2. Datto SIRIS

disaster recovery software

Datto SIRIS is a comprehensive BCDR solution designed specifically for MSPs to effectively mitigate data loss and reduce downtime.

By adopting a cloud-first strategy, MSPs can provide their clients with both local backup and recovery options, along with a secure, cloud-based storage facility and complete disaster recovery capabilities in the cloud.

All of these features are conveniently managed through a multi-tenant cloud portal, enabling MSPs to easily monitor, control, and restore client data from a unified interface. The solution also offers flexible deployment options, including software-only installations and robust backup appliances.

3. Backblaze

disaster recovery software

Backblaze, a prominent cloud provider, simplifies the process for businesses to securely store, utilize, and safeguard their data.

B2 Cloud Storage presents an always-accessible, S3-compatible object storage solution at a fraction of the cost of S3. This cost-effective storage option can be effortlessly accessed through APIs, ISVs, CLI, and web UI.

With an extensive network of integration partners, B2 Cloud Storage seamlessly integrates into existing workflows and preferred tools. Additionally, Backblaze provides backup solutions for both Mac and PC, catering to the needs of business workstations and home computers.

4. SureSync

disaster recovery software

SureSync MFT is an economical data management tool that empowers IT personnel to safeguard, disseminate, and exchange data across dispersed offices and disaster recovery sites. Whether you require file synchronization between PCs or multiple servers, SureSync is the solution to your needs.

To cater to diverse customer requirements, Software Pursuits offers SureSync Suite, comprising SureSync MFT, which can be licensed to suit a particular project or all your data management necessities.

5. Rubrik

disaster recovery software

Rubrik is an optimal backup and recovery solution tailored to meet the needs of medium-sized enterprise businesses with a workforce of 500 or more employees. It offers seamless application availability to hybrid cloud enterprises, enabling efficient recovery, search, cloud integration, and development.

Leveraging its cutting-edge Cloud Data Management platform, Rubrik empowers customers to effortlessly mobilize applications, automate protection policies, swiftly recover from Ransomware attacks, and efficiently search and analyze application data on a large scale, all within a unified platform.

This comprehensive solution drastically reduces the time required for these tasks, transforming them from a matter of days to mere seconds.


disaster recovery software

NAKIVO Backup & Replication is a robust disaster recovery solution designed to meet the needs of VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, and Amazon EC2 environments.

This comprehensive solution offers automated failover and disaster recovery orchestration capabilities, as well as the ability to test DR workflows.

Its main purpose is to aid organizations in swiftly recovering workloads during and after incidents, ensuring uninterrupted operations and minimal downtime.

7. C2 Backup

disaster recovery software

Synology presents C2 Backup, a cloud-based backup service that ensures the utmost security for all your personal data while providing a user-friendly backup solution.

This comprehensive backup solution caters to both Mac and Windows devices, allowing you to safeguard your Windows PCs, MAC devices, and Microsoft OneDrive data effortlessly in the cloud.

With C2 Backup, managing backups becomes a breeze, offering you the convenience and flexibility you need.

It guarantees the complete protection of your device, encompassing everything from software to your everyday tools, files, folders, and even external drives when connected to your PC.

Additionally, users have the freedom to customize backup schedules and retention policies according to their specific requirements and restore preferences.

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