5 Best EAM Software For Exclusive Management Control

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EAM software (Enterprise Asset Management) facilitates the acquisition, management, and analysis of physical assets for businesses operating in diverse industries. By adopting a comprehensive approach, this software aids in optimizing management strategies by effectively monitoring the entire lifecycle of company-owned assets.

The overarching objective of EAM software is to exercise control and measure the performance, maintenance expenses, and utilization of assets throughout the organization. This particular software type proves highly advantageous for companies operating in asset-intensive sectors such as manufacturing, construction, energy, and utilities. The primary beneficiaries of EAM software are maintenance teams, who rely on its capabilities to identify issues and conduct inspections or repairs.

Here are 5 of the Best EAM Software for Advanced Management.

1. MVP One

eam software

Enhance efficiency and expedite operations with the pioneering Online and Offline Paperless Work Order System, recognized as the world’s first. This CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) is highly endorsed by experts in the field of reliability.

MVP One is a distinguished software that has garnered accolades for its exceptional performance, drawing from extensive expertise in CMMS, maintenance, and reliability. Its user-friendly interface allows for effortless management of tasks, preventive maintenance, inventory, machinery, personnel, and procurement, resulting in heightened productivity, minimized downtime, and significant cost and time savings.

2. Fracttal One

eam software

Fracttal One is an intelligent software designed for the maintenance management of physical assets using a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS). It operates entirely on mobile devices, online, and on the cloud.

This software is beneficial for companies of various sectors and sizes as it enables them to effectively monitor their operations and efficiently manage work orders, equipment, and suppliers all from a unified platform.

With Fracttal One, users can seamlessly plan, assign, execute, and report all tasks and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) directly to technicians or suppliers through the application. Regardless of the device being used, Fracttal One ensures complete accessibility and provides the best user experience.

3. Brightly Asset Essentials

eam software

Asset Essentials, developed by Brightly Software (formerly known as Dude Solutions), is a cutting-edge work and asset management platform that has been specifically designed to enhance maintenance and operations efficiency. Brightly, now a subsidiary of Siemens is a renowned global leader in intelligent asset management solutions.

This platform is utilized by more than 12,000 operations leaders to effectively manage a staggering 49 million assets and 386 million work orders. The user-friendly nature of this platform enables organizations to significantly reduce maintenance costs, enhance productivity, and make informed decisions regarding operations.

Asset Essentials allows users to initiate, assign, and monitor the progress of existing maintenance work orders, while also providing the capability to create advanced workflows with preventive maintenance (PM) scheduling, thereby improving the long-term health of assets. Additionally, users can establish and monitor asset thresholds using predictive maintenance (PdM) techniques, which leverage IoT sensors to minimize asset downtime.

4. UpKeep

eam software

UpKeep is a comprehensive Asset Operations Management solution that facilitates the efficient management of the maintenance life cycle, asset utilization optimization, and real-time performance data analysis for maintenance, reliability, and operations teams.

With a mobile-first approach and a focus on a dispersed workforce, UpKeep provides a centralized platform for inventory management, work order management, and budget management, while also offering technicians immediate and convenient self-help options. Additionally, UpKeep is utilized by reliability teams for asset performance management, enabling the measurement and optimization of asset efficiency over their entire lifespan.

5. Redlist

eam software

Redlist is a unique platform that integrates Enterprise Asset Management, CMMS, and lubrication management. Each module is robust and can be used independently or in conjunction with others, allowing our users to easily scale and implement the system.

By combining these systems, leadership is able to gain a comprehensive understanding of the business and adapt quickly to the ever-changing market.

Redlist’s mobile app is designed to work offline, enabling users to continue working and providing valuable data to upper management even without a signal. This improves communication and empowers team members to be more productive.

Furthermore, Redlist users can eliminate the need for paper and the hours spent on data entry by utilizing a fully digital process.

At Redlist, we collaborate with other technology companies that utilize our platform to automate alerts based on configured sensor and IoT thresholds. These thresholds can include temperature, oil analysis, vibration, location, and more.

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