7 Best Email Marketing Software For Small Business Focused Automation

email marketing software for small business

Obtaining the best email marketing software for small businesses is a crucial part of your marketing campaigns. Finding the right software could make your marketing campaigns scale to the next level.

Businesses can utilize email marketing software to manage and organize their email lists, efficiently categorize these lists for personalized email campaigns, and monitor subscriber interaction.

By integrating with CRM software, email marketing software enhances the platform’s ability to predict customer behavior. It is important to mention that email marketing is frequently included in marketing automation tools, which may not offer a complete set of automation features across different channels.

To gain further insight into the email marketing capabilities provided by marketing automation products, buyers can refer to the Marketing Automation category page.

Here are 7 of the Best Email Marketing Software for Advanced Automation.

1. BigMailer

email marketing software for small business

BigMailer provides extensive support for a wide range of email campaigns, such as bulk, automation, drip, auto-responders, RSS to email, and transactional campaigns. Through our platform, high-volume senders can efficiently manage and consolidate all their email activities.

Our integrated brand management feature facilitates streamlined workflows for agencies, large teams, multi-product businesses, and individuals working on multiple projects.

Moreover, you have the ability to invite an unlimited number of users or clients with specific permission levels and the flexibility to adjust access as required. Additionally, we offer a white-label option for agencies and enterprise plans to ensure consistent brand representation.

2. Constant Contact

email marketing software for small business

With Constant Contact you can automatically send a targeted welcome email when new leads are highly interested in your brand.

Helps you create automated emails to target contacts based on how they interact with your emails.  You can find new customers with sign-up forms and list-building tools, plus Facebook and Instagram Ads.

3. ConvertKit

email marketing software for small business

ConvertKit is a simple visual builder, and you won’t be intimidated by building automation funnels.

You tag subscribers based on actions or interests automatically. You can send a single or a series of emails based on conditions automatically. Whether it’s a one-step funnel or a 10-step funnel, you can create automation that helps you grow your business.

4. Litmus

email marketing software for small business

Litmus offers top-notch software for email personalization, optimization, and collaboration, enabling marketers to maximize their email marketing ROI. With Litmus Personalize, powered by Kickdynamic, marketers can benefit from pre-send campaign development, testing, AI-driven content recommendations, and post-send insights for future content optimization.

By leveraging Litmus’ suite of solutions, marketers can enhance marketing performance and enhance customer engagement.

The platform allows for efficient creation, testing, and collaboration on a large number of emails, while also enabling the creation of highly personalized email experiences at scale. Ultimately, this empowers marketers to effectively drive conversions and generate revenue.

5. ActiveCampaign

email marketing software for small business

ActiveCampaign for Marketing seamlessly integrates all the tools and channels utilized in your business to effectively engage customers throughout their entire journey.

By leveraging data from email marketing, social media, digital advertising, and your website, you can create customized touchpoints that guarantee your marketing efforts are impactful, captivating, and unforgettable, all without sacrificing valuable time.

Our automation capabilities allow you to prioritize the personal connections that make your business unique, while also ensuring that no customer interaction goes unnoticed.

6. MailerLite

email marketing software for small business

MailerLite provides a robust email marketing platform that enables business growth. Its efficient and adaptable features allow for the creation of responsive newsletters, landing pages, and websites through the utilization of pre-designed templates and an intuitive drag-and-drop editor supported by AI assistance. The convenience of managing campaigns on the iOS app further enhances the user experience.

Moreover, MailerLite offers advanced functionalities including pop-ups, embedded surveys, Facebook custom audiences, and auto-resend campaigns, all aimed at attracting subscribers and fostering strong relationships. By employing segmentation, interest groups, and multi-trigger automation workflows, MailerLite ensures that personalized and timely email content keeps the audience engaged.

7. Close

email marketing software for small business

The sales engagement CRM, Close, is specifically designed to assist small and medium-sized businesses in converting more leads into revenue. Our focus is on supporting the future of business, which involves intelligent and adaptable teams that operate remotely.

If you are a technology-driven team seeking to expand without incurring excessive costs for enterprise software, then Close is the ideal sales tool for you. With Close, you can effortlessly communicate with your leads through email, calls, and text messages, all without the need for additional add-ons.

Moreover, Close offers a range of productivity tools such as Sequences, task reminders, and Power Dialer, enabling you to effectively reach out to more leads, follow up consistently, and successfully close more deals.

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