5 Best Enterprise Information Archiving Software For Improved Data Accessibility

enterprise information archiving software

Having the right enterprise information archiving software (EIA) for an organization could make a great organizational strategy if the company is experiencing a growth rate.

EIA software facilitates the storage of a company’s structured and unstructured historical data. It offers comprehensive archiving of business data, including unstructured data such as email messages and media files.

The data can be stored on local data servers, cloud servers, or a combination of both. All employees across the organization should be archiving their data for auditing purposes, making these solutions essential for any business.

Typically, a company’s data team implements and maintains EIA solutions, which can be utilized by companies of any size.

Here are 5 of the Best Enterprise Information Archiving Software for Superior Data Storage.

1. Odaseva

enterprise information archiving software

Odaseva enables seamless preservation and accessibility of customer data through its comprehensive backup and archiving capabilities. By leveraging analytics, potential disruptions can be proactively identified and mitigated.

The platform empowers users to automate the entire data lifecycle, effectively addressing privacy and compliance concerns at their core.

Furthermore, Odaseva facilitates innovation by facilitating the movement of data between production and non-production environments, sandboxes, and external Salesforce systems.

As the sole platform purpose-built for the most prominent and ambitious Salesforce customers, Odaseva effectively resolves the fundamental data management challenges of protection, privacy, and agility.

2. PageFreezer

enterprise information archiving software

PageFreezer is a cloud-based SaaS application that streamlines compliance and litigation processes by automatically archiving website content, social media accounts, mobile text messages, and enterprise collaboration platforms.

With PageFreezer, organizations of all sizes can preserve their online content in evidentiary quality and easily access and replay archived data as needed.

Thanks to its extensive experience in archiving large amounts of web and social media data, PageFreezer provides clients with the peace of mind that nothing will be missed in their archives.

3. Zix Information Archiving

enterprise information archiving software

Zix Information Archiving offers comprehensive data archiving, efficient communication, and enhanced productivity for businesses.

The inclusion of message retention for all digital communications simplifies compliance and eDiscovery processes for your team, extending to social media platforms and communication tools such as Microsoft Teams.

Our policy controls empower you to determine which messages are archived and for what duration, while our message relevance classification facilitates seamless case assessment, investigation, and management. Zix delivers data archiving solutions that are executed with utmost precision.

4. MessageSolution

enterprise information archiving software

MessageSolution offers top-notch information archiving and eDiscovery solutions for on-premise, Cloud, and MSP/ISP-hosted multi-tenant environments.

Its enterprise on-premise and Cloud-powered products have won numerous awards and are trusted by organizations worldwide to address business challenges related to electronic discovery litigation support, compliance, storage management, and email server migrations.

With a presence in over 50 countries, MessageSolution enables organizations to efficiently manage electronically stored information and corporate intelligence, while mitigating risk and cutting costs.

5. Barracuda Cloud

enterprise information archiving software

The Barracuda Cloud Archiving Service offers a comprehensive on-demand cloud solution, delivered as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).

Utilizing our guided setup wizard, the majority of customers can be operational within an hour. Our service archives all emails without requiring the installation of any email client or server software.

This approach keeps operational costs low and predictable while minimizing support overhead. Security is guaranteed through Barracuda’s extensive and robust global cloud infrastructure, and centralized management is made effortless with the Cloud Control portal.

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