6 Best Enterprise Search Software For Fast Query Formatted Results

enterprise search software

Having the best enterprise search software is essential for running an organization that requires constant supervision. This software enables authorized personnel to keep supervision of searching, displaying, and indexing special content that requires supervision.

Enterprise search software streamlines the retrieval of stored data, whether it’s internal or external to an organization. These solutions organize and structure data, enabling users to securely access and locate information across a variety of sources, including databases, documents, applications, websites, and intranets.

With enterprise search software, users from different teams and roles can efficiently retrieve data from multiple databases and shared sources, which is crucial for achieving various business objectives.

Additionally, this software can offer search-as-a-service capabilities, allowing businesses to safely expose selected data and information sources, such as product catalogs, videos, and marketing content, to external sources like mobile applications and websites.

Here are 6 of the Best Enterprise Search Software for a Well Supervised Organization.

1. Glean

enterprise search software

Glean is an intuitive work assistant that consolidates all of your company’s knowledge, allowing you to easily search for specific information and discover new insights.

By searching across all of your company’s applications, Glean is able to understand context, language, behavior, and relationships with others, providing personalized answers to your queries.

It not only surfaces relevant knowledge but also connects you with the people who can help, streamlining your workflow and making it easier for you and your team to accomplish big tasks.

Glean is user-friendly and requires no setup, seamlessly integrating into your workflow whether you’re using it in the web app, new tab page, sidebar search, native search, or Slack commands.

2. GoLinks

enterprise search software

Companies today utilize a multitude of applications, numbering at least 137. On average, employees squander approximately 19% of their workweek in the pursuit of information.

Despite diligent attempts to arrange resources, the predicament of swiftly locating and disseminating information has remained unsolved, until, now GoLinks, a groundbreaking innovation, revolutionizes the manner in which employees discover and exchange knowledge by converting any URL into concise, memorable, and easily searchable go links.

GoLinks facilitates a more intuitive connection between teams and the applications and information they regularly access. Bid farewell to lengthy URLs and embrace the sharing of knowledge through memorable keywords, whether it be in web browsers, applications, visual aids, or conversations.

3. Curiosity

enterprise search software

Curiosity is an efficient search application that enables seamless access to all your files, emails, and applications from a single platform.

By utilizing Curiosity’s search functionality, you can effortlessly locate the information you require, thereby optimizing your time and enhancing productivity.

This comprehensive search capability is further enhanced through integrations with renowned applications such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and Notion, allowing you to search across multiple platforms simultaneously.

Additionally, Curiosity simplifies your workflow by providing a single shortcut to open programs, participate in video meetings, search your clipboard history, and perform various other tasks. Furthermore, it ensures the security of your data by storing it securely on your computer.

4. Outmind

enterprise search software

Outmind offers immediate access to your documents, emails, and conversations, enhancing your productivity and effectiveness. Typically, over 80% of information remains inaccessible or unrecorded. Outmind eliminates the need to recreate existing documents by enabling you to begin with internal reference documents.

In instances where these documents are not shared or do not exist, Outmind provides a solution by identifying the most suitable internal contacts based on their expertise.

This ensures that you avoid unnecessary requests to the wrong individuals. Our machine learning algorithms analyze the contributions within your tools seamlessly, requiring no specific action on your part.

5. SpotSearch

enterprise search software

SpotSearch is a revolutionary Contextual Search Engine that incorporates AI technology to deliver lightning-fast results in over 40 languages.

Powered by Sia, SpotSearch is an On-The-Spot search engine that provides relevant on-site/multi-site search results without the need to navigate away from the current page or site.

Whether you’re searching for information on a website or the definition of a specific word or phrase, SpotSearch delivers fast and accurate results.

6. Raptor

enterprise search software

Raptor Services provides a Customer Data Platform and premium personalization software as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company.

Our solutions are designed to identify, gather, and respond to each individual’s interactions across all channels, empowering marketers to offer the most intelligent content and product recommendations.

Our personalization engine generates customized recommendations for websites, emails, advertisements, and search bars. This personalized approach assists customers in finding the precise products they require while also increasing basket size and conversions.

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