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entity management software

Having the right entity management software in place in an organization that potentially has grown to exceed typical status is very important in order to keep financial records and staff in an organized manner.

Entity management software provides assistance for defining and managing business entities across various locations. It is able to track legal personnel, subsidiaries, capitalization tables, and shareholders.

The main goal of having entity management software in place is to compile and control a corporation’s records. Such as ownership structure, corporate names, directors, officers, tax strategies, mergers, and acquisitions.

here are 5 of the best entity management software.

1. Deel

entity management software

Are you tired of the hassle and expense of setting up foreign entities just to hire employees in different countries? Look no further than Deel, the global compliance and management solution for international businesses. With Deel, you can hire in over 150 countries without ever needing to worry about legal compliance or payroll management.

Our tech-enabled self-serve process allows you to create localized legal contracts and take care of payroll in just a few clicks. Say goodbye to the headaches of navigating complex international laws and regulations.

Deel is the modern HR and payroll platform built for the future of work. Whether you’re a small business or a publicly traded company, we have the tools and expertise to help you hire teams abroad with ease.

Join the more than 15,000 satisfied customers who have already made the switch to Deel. Don’t let the challenges of international hiring hold you back. Choose Deel and streamline your global operations today.

2. Wrike

entity management software

Wrike is a highly trusted work management platform utilized by over 20,000 companies worldwide. By utilizing Wrike’s comprehensive software, you can centralize your documents and enhance your entity management.

Experience complete project transparency through the use of customizable dashboards, Gantt charts, and Kanban boards. Keep all stakeholders informed by sharing updates through @mentions and shared team calendars.

Utilize automated reports to compile your data, gain valuable insights, and identify potential areas of risk. Wrike is the ideal solution for mid-sized and enterprise companies that prioritize teamwork, manage multiple projects, and serve various clients. Customize Wrike to meet your specific needs with tailored workflows, fields, and reports.

3. Athennian

entity management software

Athennian’s entity data management software is utilized by numerous prominent law firms and in-house legal teams to effectively manage all of their entity data within a unified platform.

Athennian stands out as the sole contemporary, cloud-based entity management platform that facilitates the centralization of registration, governance, ownership, tax, and compliance data for entities.

Athennian provides valuable assistance to operations, legal, finance, and tax teams of organizations with intricate entity management and corporate governance requirements.

4. EntityKeeper

entity management software

EntityKeeper streamlines entity management, organizational chart administration, and filing obligations within your company. Our all-inclusive platform grants you effortless access to up-to-date entity and compliance data, allows for personalized data fields, facilitates the handling of crucial deadlines through notifications, including filing and tax dates, and enables the creation of detailed organizational charts.

Moreover, Corporate Services eradicate the necessity of manually overseeing entity filings, such as entity formation, closure-related corporate documentation, and other related tasks.

5. Remote

entity management software

The establishment of local entities can consume valuable time and resources. Our company ensures that our entities adhere to the highest standards of compliance, enabling you to expand your global presence.

With a team of legal and HR experts in each country, Remote offers a user-friendly solution for your global workforce, while safeguarding your intellectual property rights.

Whether you intend to establish a new branch or hire an individual in a foreign country, Remote’s comprehensive global employment solutions have got you covered.

Our company simplifies the process of hiring and compensating individuals residing anywhere in the world. We handle payroll, benefits, compliance, taxes, stock options, relocation, and more for international teams.

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