5 Best Equity Management Software For Quality Administration

equity management software

Having the right equity management software would highly increase a company’s management effectiveness. It provides a stable knowledgeable plan for administration.

It allows a company to manage its equity-related tasks and compliance reporting, cap table management, electronic securities transactions, accounting integration, and more. It creates a process of managing the ownership of a particular company.

The software at times called cap table management software is used to manage and track the complex process involved with the maintenance of compliance, issuing equity, and to be able to stay the top of capitalization tables.

here are 5 of the best equity management software for advanced tracking.

1. Ledgy

equity management software

Ledgy facilitates the effective utilization of equity for numerous companies across the globe. With its scalable and user-friendly platform, Ledgy provides a compliant and reliable source of information for finance, legal, and HR teams on a global scale.

The implementation of powerful automation workflows and integration with HRIS systems significantly reduces the time spent on manual tasks. Moreover, Ledgy’s elegant and intuitive interface enhances the sharing of equity information with both the team and investors, creating a delightful experience for all parties involved.

2. Global Shares

equity management software

Our platform offers a user-friendly solution for both private and public companies, aiming to simplify and streamline the administration of stock plans. By seamlessly integrating crucial data with your stock plan, we ensure that regardless of your location or plan type, you can fully optimize the advantages of stock compensation.

Through our Global Shares equity portal, your employees can conveniently access information regarding their stock holdings and their corresponding value. Additionally, they can effortlessly engage in activities such as selling stock, accepting grants, exercising options, and even participating in your company’s Annual General Meeting.

3. Rundit

equity management software

Rundit serves as a singular source of truth, enabling private equity firms to maintain a competitive edge in their investments and streamline operations within their team. Through the implementation of Rundit, fund managers can automate various tasks, including the aggregation of portfolio data, calculation of fund KPIs, and drafting of LP reports.

This platform provides VC teams with comprehensive portfolio snapshots, as well as expedited and automated identification of insights at both the company and fund levels.

4. Juniper Square

equity management software

Juniper Square is the foremost provider of partnership enablement solutions for the private fund sector. Our all-encompassing platform facilitates seamless connectivity and communication between GPs and their LPs throughout the entire partnership lifecycle, from fundraising to investor management to fund administration.

By leveraging Juniper Square, investment managers can expedite fundraising, optimize operational scalability, and enhance investor contentment. With over 1,800 GPs placing their trust in us, Juniper Square is the go-to choice for private fund industry professionals.

5. Backstop

equity management software

The primary objective of Backstop Solutions is to assist the institutional and alternative investment sectors in optimizing their time. Given the significance of every minute in our industry, our aim is to aid our clients in replacing their intricate task lists with simplified business procedures.

This is achieved by providing asset managers and allocators with top-notch, cloud-based productivity technology, which enables them to enhance their capital raising and retention capabilities, conduct research and portfolio management, and cater to their crucial stakeholders more effectively.

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