5 Best ESG Software For Positive Company Impact

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The importance of ESG software (environmental, social, and governance) is very high when it comes to investing in or creating a company. It helps to estimate and evaluate any potential risk that could have been overseen otherwise.

ESG software will highly assist a company’s financial investments by identifying potential environmental criteria for the company’s future investments.

By analyzing data from ESG software an investment company can make the decision for a particular purchase. It is able to see any environmental criteria, performance, and sustainability this way being able to make a better sound decision.

Here are 5 Top ESG software for a sound investment.

1. Metrio

esg software

Metrio, a prominent sustainability software provider in the market, is a subsidiary of Nasdaq. With a track record dating back to 2009, the company has been instrumental in assisting renowned organizations such as Air Canada, Clorox, Decathlon, and Target in efficiently gathering, organizing, and disseminating data pertaining to their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance.

By leveraging Metrio’s reporting solutions, these entities are able to enhance their sustainability practices, foster transparency, and ultimately drive profitability. Metrio proudly holds membership in the SASB Alliance, actively supports the TCFD and UNGC initiatives, and is recognized as a CDP-accredited provider.

2. Impact

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Impact is a comprehensive reporting and engagement platform designed for the management of non-financial data. It offers the capability to automate the collection, analysis, and evaluation of data, enabling the generation of meaningful sustainability, social value, and ESG reports in real time. Moreover, it ensures adherence to international laws and standards, thereby ensuring compliance.

Impact encompasses all the necessary tools to effectively engage with stakeholders at various levels, facilitating a deep understanding of the societal impact and social value generated by sustainable initiatives.

3. Diligent

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The diligent ESG, Carbon Accounting & Sustainability Reporting (formerly known as Accuvio) software enables organizations to effectively address the fundamental aspects of ESG that are of utmost importance to their stakeholders, while also fulfilling current reporting obligations and planning for the future.

This solution serves as a central hub for ESG data, facilitating the establishment of greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction targets, monitoring risks, and reporting to stakeholders on various areas such as diversity, climate, workforce safety, supply chains, third-party risk, cyber security, and more.

4. Novata

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Novata has developed a comprehensive service that aims to facilitate and enable the ESG journey for private markets. The company offers lucid explanations and detailed information on each ESG metric and sub-metric, thereby equipping clients with the necessary knowledge to confidently collect data.

Novata also provides guidance on reporting requirements, seamless data collection techniques, and the rationale behind the inclusion of each metric.

5. InSite

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InSite is a leading building intelligence and efficiency solution designed for property owners and operators. The software as a service (SaaS) platform and managed services offered by InSite provide cutting-edge, data-driven building analytics that empower clients to attain their ESG, sustainability, and energy efficiency objectives.

By enhancing building performance and minimizing operating expenses, InSite enables commercial real estate, hotels, healthcare facilities, educational institutions, and government property owners and managers to achieve their goals in data visualization and building sustainability.

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