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event marketing software

The right event marketing software could be the difference between a good turnout and a bad one. Event marketing software lets an organization create an audience and brand messaging that makes your company memorable over time.

Event marketing software handles scheduling, logistics, conferencing, and employee allocation of resources, and tracks spending and payments. All these tools are used by event planners. It also lets the event planner for registration and ticketing tools and also a mobile event with an app application.

An event marketing software lets you integrate events through social media before and after the event is complete. It keeps a record of all the events for future reference.

Events marketing software is also commonly implemented for marketing members and HR departments to streamline promotional conferences and many other promotional events.

Here are 7 of the Best Marketing Software For Modern Streamlining Events.

1. ZOHO Backstage

event marketing software

Zoho Backstage is a comprehensive event management software that enables seamless planning and execution of in-person, virtual, and hybrid events. With enhanced efficiency and effectiveness, it empowers event organizers to effortlessly handle every aspect of their events.

From creating visually appealing event websites, facilitating ticket sales, and implementing impactful marketing strategies, to engaging with attendees, delivering engaging sessions, and evaluating event performance, Zoho Backstage offers a comprehensive suite of features to ensure the growth and success of your event.

2. Monday.com

event marketing software

monday.com is a versatile platform that caters to your event marketing requirements without the need for coding. Streamline your planning process, oversee all marketing activities through user-friendly dashboards, and optimize workflows with automation. Foster seamless collaboration with your entire team within the platform, ensuring real-time updates.

Furthermore, effortlessly integrate your existing tools and applications, efficiently manage budgets, track and analyze outcomes using advanced reporting capabilities, gather data through customized forms, and enjoy additional features.

3. Cvent

event marketing software

Cvent offers a comprehensive event platform that caters to all types of events. Our platform streamlines the management of every aspect of the event lifecycle, providing you with valuable data and insights to optimize your event’s value.

Whether it’s an in-person, virtual, or hybrid event, our platform provides a one-stop solution to source suppliers, engage attendees, enhance sponsor value, and capture crucial event data.

Regardless of your industry, Cvent has a proven track record of assisting organizations of all sizes and shapes in planning, managing, marketing, and analyzing their in-person and virtual meetings and events.

4. Swoogo

event marketing software

Maximize the potential of your event and enhance your return on investment with Swoogo’s extensive marketing tools, seamlessly integrated into your annual subscription. Take advantage of automated email campaigns, effortless integration with your essential marketing platforms, and a user-friendly drag-and-drop event site builder, which also offers the option of custom coding.

Leverage Swoogo Analytics to monitor attendee engagement and utilize this data to optimize your marketing strategy, effectively capturing leads and increasing conversions. Additionally, gather valuable attendee demographics and automate follow-up emails to encourage their participation in future events.

5. Bizzabo

event marketing software

Bizzabo’s cutting-edge event marketing and management platform revolutionizes in-person, virtual, and hybrid experiences for top-tier global brands. The Bizzabo Event Experience OS is an information-rich, open platform that enables Event Experience Leaders to enhance their events using a robust set of event marketing tools.

Craft an exquisitely branded event website, tailor attendee experiences to maximize attendance, and boost conversions through dynamic registration processes.

6. Trumba

event marketing software

Trumba Connect provides cutting-edge calendar publishing and event management software that is highly favored by educational institutions, healthcare facilities, community organizations, and government entities across the country.

With our platform, you can effortlessly create visually appealing calendars that reflect your brand identity, and efficiently schedule, promote, and monitor events.

Attendees will have no trouble locating events, registering, and staying updated on any changes. Moreover, our all-in-one solution streamlines event management processes, often eliminating the necessity for multiple platforms and saving you valuable time and effort.


event marketing software

ECAL stands as the epitome of a cutting-edge calendar marketing platform. Its rapid and dynamic ‘sync to calendar’ technology seamlessly integrates compelling, tailored, and actionable content directly into users’ personal digital calendars.

With its unparalleled ability to generate awareness rates surpassing email by 5-20 times, engagement rates 2-10 times higher, and a purchase rate twice as effective, ECAL emerges as an exceptional marketing channel for events.

Meticulously crafted to enhance fan engagement, boost sales, and acquire invaluable first-party data and consumer insights, ECAL truly excels as a high-performance solution.

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