5 Best Headless eCommerce Software For Unique Customer Experience

headless ecommerce software

A headless ecommerce software can drastically improve the manager’s or staff members’ flexibility to innovate the workflow. Headless ecommerce software lets you improve your time management when making changes to your business.

Headless ecommerce software lets all companies make changes accordingly with more freedom. Managers are able to test and experiment with how the customer experiences the purchase process. They are able to build and change any structure of their ecommerce business.

Basically, the headless ecommerce software is a separation of the front and back end of an e-commerce business application. The user can rearrange the look and feel of the platform as needed to accommodate a potential customer. It is a process of rapid customization and development of the front and back end of a platform.

here are 5 of the best headless e-commerce software for a unique customer experience.

1. Shopware

headless ecommerce software

Shopware is the exclusive platform that offers an integrated community network for commerce without compromise. It provides enterprise commerce tools that enable exceptional shopping experiences. Renowned B2B, B2C, and D2C brands, retailers, and manufacturers trust Shopware. Additionally, it is backed by a global community of developers, agencies, and merchants.

Shopware combines a headless commerce core with digital experience management, making it easier to navigate the intricacies of commerce. With Shopware, you can create extraordinary outcomes.

2. Pepperi

headless ecommerce software

Our platform offers a comprehensive solution for brands and wholesale distributors in the B2B commerce industry. It includes an ecommerce portal, Sales Force Automation, Trade Promotion Management, Retail Execution, and Route Accounting / DSD capabilities. With our integrated native mobile (iOS/Android) and web app, you can effectively manage and synchronize all aspects of your B2B sales, optimizing both in-person sales representatives and online sales.

Pepperi enables you to increase sales, improve sales performance, and accelerate the sales process. To learn more about our platform, schedule a product demo today.

3. Adobe Commerce

headless ecommerce software

Adobe Commerce leverages data to generate personalized commerce experiences that enhance customer engagement and boost sales for B2B and B2C enterprises worldwide. Its cloud-native platform is feature-rich and highly composable, allowing for easy customization to suit your business needs and reduce time to market. The platform supports multiple sites, markets, business models, and storefront solutions, providing the flexibility required to succeed in today’s market.

4. Fabric

headless ecommerce software

Fabric is a contemporary e-commerce platform that is modular and headless. Renowned brands such as Chicos, GNC, Crate & Barrel, Restoration Hardware, and others rely on fabric due to its open design, which enables them to go live within weeks without the need to re-platform. Fabric is a valuable asset for retailers as it multiplies the impact of their existing technology investments.

It empowers users to create modern buying experiences across all touchpoints and has been proven to increase digital revenue by up to 3x. Fabric caters to brands and retailers who aspire to expand their commerce with microservices and APIs and provide their customers with exceptional omnichannel buying experiences.

5. SellerChamp

headless ecommerce software

The software provided is a comprehensive solution for managing listings, inventory, and orders across multiple channels. It offers customization options to tailor it to the specific requirements of your business. With this software, you can easily list over 1000 items on popular platforms like Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Walmart, and others within minutes.

It ensures real-time synchronization of your items across all selling channels and warehouse locations. Additionally, it enables you to efficiently route and fulfill orders through various services such as Amazon FBA, Deliverr, and Shopify.

The software also includes additional features like FBA Shipment Creator, Repricer, EasyPick, and Bundles/Kits, providing added value to your business operations.

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