6 Best Inside Sales Software For Successful Time Management

inside sales software

The right inside sales software could give you an edge in the sales industry. They are sales solutions that let you streamline all the sales processes and by doing this you save time and money.

Inside sales, software come with sales intelligence, sales engament, CRM, and sales productivity, and you can schedule and route all the process from a single interface.

The software lets the sales team work from on-site. By not going to visit customers on-site. By doing this they same time and are more productive in the process.

With the event check-in software sales teams are able to cold call, perform demos, cold email, and deliver virtual sales presentations for potential customers.

Here are 6 of the Best Inside Sales Software for Complete Sales Automation.

1. Kixie

inside sales software

Kixie is a cutting-edge sales engagement platform hosted on the cloud, designed to streamline the calling and texting processes for customer-facing teams.

It boasts a range of robust features, including a multi-line PowerDialer, AI Local Presence, call coaching, call recording, Voicemail Drop, SMS Templates, Click-to-call, Conversation Intelligence, and numerous others.

Additionally, Kixie seamlessly integrates with leading CRM systems, providing real-time reporting and analytics. With no need for hardware, users can begin making calls within just 3 minutes, and take advantage of a 100% free trial.

2. Mixmax

inside sales software

Mixmax is a Sales Engagement Platform specifically crafted for Gmail, offering valuable assistance to revenue teams in their quest to enhance revenue generation at every stage of the customer journey. It caters not only to Sales Development Representatives (SDRs), but also to Account Executives (AEs), Customer Success Managers (CSMs), and all other customer-facing roles.

By automating monotonous tasks and streamlining daily workflows, Mixmax significantly boosts the productivity of sales representatives, equipping them with the essential tools to excel in their sales endeavors.

Remarkably, Mixmax customers witness a highly favorable return on investment (ROI) within a span of just 6 months, and the platform can be seamlessly integrated and operational in less than a day.

3. Call Logic

inside sales software

Increase your sales team’s efficiency and productivity with Call Logic. Our platform streamlines phone calling campaigns, allowing small businesses to make over 3 times the number of outbound calls. This ensures that your sales staff can efficiently follow up with clients and past clients.

Request a free demo or trial today to see how Call Logic can help you streamline your sales process and improve employee performance.

4. Freshsales

inside sales software

Freshsales is a robust sales force automation solution specifically tailored to meet the requirements of sales teams.

It provides an extensive array of functionalities that empower salespersons to attract top-notch leads, engage in impactful dialogues, utilize AI-driven insights to successfully finalize deals, and cultivate enduring customer connections.

By seamlessly integrating email, phone, chat, and telephony capabilities, Freshsales optimizes the sales process, enabling sales teams to save valuable time, automate various tasks, and elevate overall effectiveness and productivity in their daily endeavors.

5. Dialpad

inside sales software

Dialpad Sell is a highly efficient sales dialer suitable for sales organizations of all sizes. It provides various real-time and post-call sales coaching features that enhance productivity.

Real-Time Recommendations is one such feature that displays responses to frequently asked prospect questions during an ongoing call when certain keywords are mentioned.

Additionally, Dialpad Sell seamlessly integrates with crucial tools such as Salesforce and G Suite, ensuring precise activity logging, regardless of the representative’s location.

6. ExecVision

inside sales software

ExecVision’s conversation intelligence platform is built on the principle that the true value of customer insights lies in their ability to drive performance improvements across sales, support, success, marketing, and product teams.

Our unique approach focuses on influencing human behaviors to achieve these improvements, setting us apart from other conversation intelligence software.

It’s worth noting that insights are only valuable when they are effectively utilized, and not confined to a dashboard.

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