5 Best Leave Management System For Accurate Employee Tracking

leave management system

The right leave management system is a positive addition to any organization. It provides peace of mind when it comes to keeping track of all the employees when present and not.

A leave management system is an HR comprehensive software tool that enables an organization to schedule any leave time an employee requests over time. It is an overall resource planning tool.

By staff acknowledging a scheduled absence, they are able to plan accordingly in what decisions to make the following day, weeks, and months ahead of time. The system provides important insights into an employee’s availability to make the proper changes and provide a better workflow.

here 5 top leave management systems for advanced supervision.

1. Timetastic

leave management system

If you’re tired of tracking your employees’ holidays in messy spreadsheets, then Timetastic is the perfect solution for you. Get rid of the spreadsheets and forget about who has which holiday and how much is left!

The simplest staff holiday booking system, used by more than 170,000 people, covers holidays, sick leave, maternity leave, festive seasons, bank holidays, and more. Instead of spreadsheets, you’ll get a real-time team calendar with Slack, MS Teams, and Outlook integrations, as well as Google Calendar.


leave management system

Keep track of all your time off, paid or unpaid, and track it accurately with Built for Teams. You can customize policies to fit your needs, like lump sum, hours worked accrual, carryover, and years of service tiers.

It’s easy for employees and managers to use, and you can submit requests and view balances on the web or in the mobile app. It’s perfect for organizations that want to manage their current structure and plan for the future with a data-driven cloud-based solution.


leave management system

WhoOff enables businesses to expedite the process of managing leave requests by providing essential information to the necessary personnel within the organization. Our goal is to not only provide the highest quality staff holiday planner service but also to back it up with unparalleled support.

Whether you are a small local business or a large multinational, WhoOff can help you reduce the amount of time spent on paperwork associated with leave requests.

4. PurelyHR

leave management system

Time-Off is a comprehensive and cost-effective platform designed to streamline the process of managing leave for small to mid-sized businesses. Utilizing the industry-leading PurelyHR platform, businesses can benefit from automated accrual and policy renewal processes, as well as a straightforward application and approval process.

This platform eliminates the need for manual leave management, freeing businesses from the burden of repetitive email, spreadsheet, and paper calendar processes. To get started, businesses can sign up for a free trial period of 21 days or view a live demo.

5. TimeSheets.com

leave management system

TimeScheets.com provides an intuitive system for managing paid time off. It allows users to review their time off requests quickly and easily, as well as manage their accrual balance. Additionally, the website offers flexible accruals options and a convenient vacation calendar that can be used by employees to minimize time-off clashes.

TimesScheets.com has been a leading provider of time-tracking services for two decades. Our service is designed to make time off planning and tracking a straightforward, quick, and enjoyable experience that can be done from any location. Prices for the service start at $11 a month for one to two workers, and a discount is available for non-profit organizations and educators.

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