5 Best Link Management Tools For Automated Link Supervision

link management tools

The right link management tools can do wonders for your website. A link management tool can drastically improve your control over what connects to your online business, any type of website or blog.

Link management software enables you to oversee all links you have created and you are currently sharing. By keeping track of your links you are able to have access to data that you can use to improve your website and eventually make wiser decisions regarding your online presence.

By having a link management tool you will be doing great SEO (Search Engine Optimization) modifications to your website that in return you will get higher rankings.

The 5 Best link management tools for advanced tracking.

1. Semrush

link management tools

Semrush is an essential solution for companies that prioritize their online presence, offering a wide range of over 55 products, tools, and add-ons. These encompass online visibility management, search, content, social media, and market research tools.

With data available for more than 142 countries and seamless integration with Google and task management platforms, Semrush provides a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking to enhance their online visibility.

2. Campaigntrackly

link management tools

CampaignTrackly offers a comprehensive URL builder tool and cross-platform workflows for Excel, Google Sheets, SalesForce, WorkFront, and other platforms to automate campaign metadata and tracking link creation.

Our platform caters to both Google and Adobe Analytics customers, ensuring that campaign naming conventions, CID and UTM links, short links, and QR codes are created and standardized with a single click. By minimizing manual work and handoffs, we standardize campaign data and generate 100% accurate campaign insights.

3. Geniuslink

link management tools

Geniuslink offers an optimal solution for sharing monetized products and affiliate links with your audience. Enhance your link performance with user-friendly and effective tools that enhance conversions and save valuable time.

Utilize informative reports to evaluate the effectiveness of your strategies and make necessary adjustments for improved future performance. Our commitment to your success is unwavering, demonstrated through our fair pricing and dedication to fostering long-term relationships with each and every client.

4. SE Ranking

link management tools

SE Ranking offers a comprehensive range of tools that enable users to conduct a thorough analysis of any website’s backlink strategy and monitor their most valuable backlinks. By simply inputting a website URL into our Backlink Checker tool, users can instantly obtain an overview of the website’s backlink profile.

This includes utilizing metrics such as Domain Trust and Page Trust as indicators of quality, examining the number of links and domains pointing to the site, and analyzing the dynamics of these links and domains. Additionally, users can study the ratio of dofollow to nofollow backlinks, explore the variety of anchor texts used, and review regional distribution charts.

SE Ranking caters to both agency and in-house professionals, providing them with a comprehensive toolset that delivers unique data insights. Furthermore, our pricing plans are flexible and designed with the specific needs of teams in mind.

5. GoLinks

link management tools

Introducing GoLinks, a user-friendly solution for teams to share short links that are easy to remember. GoLinks, also referred to as go links, go/links, or go-links, are designed to simplify the sharing of long and complicated URLs.

With GoLinks, teams can easily access and share work information and resources, making it an effective and efficient tool for companies of any size. GoLinks offers a web experience, mobile app, and integrations with popular work tools, providing value to startups, mid-market, and enterprise customers alike.

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