5 Best Location Intelligence Software For Advanced Business

location intelligence software

Choosing the right location intelligence software (LI) can be a very important decision for any organization. A location intelligence software is able to give data to any organization’s decision maker the inside look into data otherwise not known.

Location intelligence assists top decision-makers in making decisions that affect an organization. Software such as GIS (Graphic Information System) gives an edge in high-priority decision-making. A GIS enables its users to read and visualize with smart maps, apps, and dashboards and are able to share information online with other users.

Location intelligence software tools are widely used by analysts and data scientists. The software provides crucial organization intelligence data that is used in executing high-importance decisions.

here are 5 of the best location intelligence software for advanced data analytics.

1. Motive

location intelligence software

Motive, previously known as KeepTruckin, develops advanced technology aimed at enhancing the safety, efficiency, and financial success of enterprises that drive the tangible economy.

The Motive Automated Operations Platform integrates Internet of Things (IoT) hardware with artificial intelligence (AI)-based applications to automate the monitoring of vehicles and equipment, ensure driver safety, enforce compliance, manage maintenance, control expenses, and perform other related tasks.

Motive caters to over 120,000 businesses operating in the trucking and logistics, construction, oil and gas, food and beverage, field service, and agriculture sectors.

2. ArcGIS

location intelligence software

ArcGIS, a comprehensive suite of GIS software products, offers a diverse set of capabilities and customizable licensing options for the application of location-based analytics in business operations.

By leveraging contextual tools, users can enhance their understanding of data through visualization and analysis. Moreover, ArcGIS facilitates collaboration and information sharing through the use of maps, apps, dashboards, and reports.

With its web, on-premises, and mobile solutions, ArcGIS supports businesses in tasks such as mapping, data management, predictive modeling, geocoding, and more.

3. SAS Visual Analytics

location intelligence software

SAS Visual Analytics enables users to easily explore, interact with, analyze, and share insights through a user-friendly interface that requires minimal coding. Additionally, it offers the capability to incorporate geographical context into analyses and visualizations by integrating traditional data with location data.

By incorporating location analysis, users can gain a deeper understanding of the “where” dimension, allowing for novel data analysis approaches and comprehensive decision-making. This feature also enables the identification of location-specific opportunities, providing a holistic view of the data.

4. Uberall CoreX

location intelligence software

Uberall’s CoreX provides a data consolidation and customer interaction analysis solution for online locations, with the objective of generating valuable insights that can contribute to increased revenue.

Through the centralization of data, CoreX allows for the evaluation of the effectiveness of local marketing strategies across multiple channels. This comprehensive understanding enables the seamless implementation of targeted actions to improve the performance of individual locations and optimize overall outcomes.

5. Samsara

location intelligence software

Samsara presents Site Visibility, an advanced AI security camera solution that empowers clients to remotely oversee their on-site locations. This state-of-the-art video management software, along with a cloud-NVR system that conserves bandwidth, enables clients to customize their deployment according to their unique needs.

With the capability to integrate multiple physical security vendors into a unified dashboard or to install Samsara’s high-resolution 5MP enterprise-grade security cameras, clients have the flexibility to select the option that best aligns with their requirements.

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