7 Best Martial Arts Software For Gym Management

martial arts software

Martial arts software is an indispensable tool for dojos and other martial arts gyms, providing a wide range of resources to streamline their operations. With the help of martial arts software, martial arts businesses can efficiently manage various aspects of their operations, such as scheduling classes and monitoring student progress.

This software is especially advantageous for business owners as it simplifies bookkeeping and scheduling tasks, while also providing a user-friendly platform for students to enroll and pay for classes.

Although martial arts software shares some similarities with gym management software, it is specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of martial arts gyms.

Depending on the product’s specific features, additional tools such as employee scheduling software, accounting software, and online appointment scheduling software may also be integrated with martial arts software.

Here are 7 of the Best Martial Arts Software for a Seamless Customer Experience.

1. Omnify

martial arts software

Omnify offers a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking to sell and schedule services efficiently. By providing a personalized Service Store, Omnify aids in the accelerated growth of businesses.

Notably, Omnify customers experience a remarkable 30% increase in bookings within the initial month. With an array of features such as Booking, Family Sharing, Check-ins Client Portal, Automated Emails, and advanced Reporting, Omnify empowers businesses to deliver exceptional services of the highest quality.

Moreover, Omnify caters to a wide range of industries including Fitness, Recreation, Wellness, and learning, making it the ultimate one-stop solution for selling and scheduling services.

2. Gymdesk

martial arts software

Our martial arts software is utilized by gym owners to optimize their business operations. Effectively manage your members, effortlessly receive automatic payments, and make informed business decisions with visually appealing reports. Enhance member satisfaction and retention by enhancing their experience and generating positive word-of-mouth about your school.

Boost your revenue through the implementation of simple sales automation. Additionally, create your own website within minutes using our user-friendly templates to attract more potential customers.

3. Martialytics

martial arts software

Martialytics prioritizes user-friendliness and offers prompt, efficient customer support. Our platform equips you with all the necessary tools to effectively manage your school while minimizing unnecessary complexities.

Experience it firsthand by taking advantage of our complimentary 30-day trial. With streamlined attendance tracking, real-time reporting, automated billing, and seamless communication, you can swiftly set up your account and return to your passion – educating your students.

4. MyStudio

martial arts software

Customers can conveniently purchase memberships, events, trials, classes, and retail items from your business at any time and from anywhere with MyStudio. With a personalized member app, custom website, and presence on all social media channels, your offerings are easily accessible to your target audience.

Plus, setting up and launching your MyStudio account takes just minutes, making it a hassle-free solution for your business needs.

5. Kicksite

martial arts software

For almost two decades, Kicksite has been a leading provider of exceptional management and billing software tailored specifically for martial arts schools. With a global reach, we proudly serve over 2,000 schools, catering to the distinct requirements of Taekwondo, Karate, Jiu-Jitsu, and other disciplines.

Our comprehensive suite of features includes automated billing and seamless payment processing, efficient attendance tracking, streamlined belt rank promotion, effective lead capture forms and landing pages, integrated website services, and seamless communication tools. Whether you are a novice in the industry or manage multiple locations, Kicksite offers the ideal all-in-one solution to optimize your business operations.

6. WellnessLiving

martial arts software

WellnessLiving’s comprehensive martial arts studio management software empowers you with the necessary tools, assistance, and resources to effectively oversee and expand your business. Our platform offers adaptable business settings and dynamic features such as online booking, belt tracking and promotions, email and SMS capabilities, website widgets, advanced reporting, mobile apps, and client and staff management.

With all these functionalities conveniently consolidated into one platform, our software streamlines your business operations, making it the sole solution required to attract, convert, and retain a larger client base.

7. Clubworx

martial arts software

Accelerate the growth of your Martial Arts enterprise with our user-friendly software that includes family management. Effortlessly enroll new students and assign ranks with ease.

Our bulk grading tool saves time, while attendance tracking, bulk messaging, and auto payment collection enhance student retention. Generate student reports based on age, rank, attendance, and more. Take advantage of our 30-day free trial with no contracts or payment details required.

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