5 Best Mobile Marketing Software For On The Go Advertising

mobile marketing software

Choosing the right mobile marketing software could make a great tool in your marketing endeavors. Mobile marketing software makes it easy to promote any organization from anywhere at any time.

The software saves information from any potential customer by collecting their web history and geographical location. In turn, the information collected is used to create custom and timely interactions with potential clients.

The mobile marketing software works effectively through in-app or in-game marketing, MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) multimedia messaging, SMS (Short Message Service) text messaging, and more. It creates any promotional activity through any mobile. The software is meant to reach the mobile device user audience.

Here are 5 of the best Mobile marketing software for agile advertisement.

1. Avochato

mobile marketing software

Avochato is a text messaging solution tailored for marketers, offering a comprehensive platform that streamlines the mass messaging process to contacts. This enables the conversion of broadcasts into personalized one-on-one conversations effortlessly.

Avochato empowers businesses to drive online and in-store traffic effectively, make crucial update announcements, and bolster their online reputation by garnering more reviews. Furthermore, Avochato seamlessly integrates with a range of services including Slack, Office 365, Salesforce, and Desk.com.

2. SlickText

mobile marketing software

SlickText offers an unrivaled mobile marketing platform that stands out in the industry, equipped with a wide array of user-friendly and scalable features. The software’s intuitive design is further enhanced by a committed customer service team that is readily accessible to provide assistance whenever needed.

What sets SlickText apart is its unique onboarding process, which offers personalized and comprehensive support to seamlessly guide users through the strategy development and setup phases.

3. Customer.io

mobile marketing software

Customer.io is a versatile customer engagement platform that enables the development of data-driven campaigns to efficiently connect with individuals through different messaging channels at the most favorable time.

Our product lineup includes Journeys, an automation tool for messaging that caters to all engagement needs, and Data Pipelines, a customer data platform that seamlessly integrates with the entire technology stack.

By combining personalized messages with real-time data, Customer.io offers a proven approach to customer engagement. Our platform has gained the confidence of over 5,500 companies.

4. Pushwoosh

mobile marketing software

Pushwoosh’s mobile marketing software facilitates seamless connectivity between users and their preferred devices, thereby enabling effective communication with the target audience. By delivering personalized messages based on real-time behavior, users can effectively engage, convert, and retain their audience.

Pushwoosh places great emphasis on engagement as the foundation of a successful mobile marketing strategy. This customer engagement platform is tailored for high achievers and is the preferred choice for enterprises and aspiring businesses seeking user-friendly and cost-effective solutions.

5. Attentive

mobile marketing software

Reaching customers on their mobile devices has become a necessity for businesses, rather than an option. Recent statistics indicate that 87% of consumers are interested in receiving messages from brands through text messaging.

At Attentive, we recognize the significance of this trend and have developed an SMS-powered platform that has successfully assisted over 5,000 brands in achieving their objectives. Our platform enables you to target your audience precisely with the appropriate message, resulting in a 10x increase in revenue compared to relying solely on email marketing.

Our integrations are highly adaptable and seamlessly connect with your existing marketing strategies. We are proud to collaborate with industry leaders in retail and e-commerce, food and beverage, as well as media and entertainment.

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