5 Best Parcel Audit Software For accurate Inconsistency detection

parcel audit software

Choosing the right parcel audit software could drastically improve your organization’s carrier performance by monitoring all aspects of the parcel process.

Parcel audit software assists in monitoring the performance of the carrier at any particular time or place. It monitors and detects automatically any billing errors or inconsistencies in the delivery process. It provides an efficient way of recovering associated costs.

The parcel audit software’s main core reason is to promote shipping efficiencies by preventing and monitoring any inconsistencies while the products are delivered to the assigned destination.

here are 5 of the best parcel audit software for monitoring accuracy.

1. Reveel

parcel audit software

Parcel Audit Recovery is completely complimentary with our Essential edition. You retain the entirety of your audit credits. Reveel’s Shipping Intelligence Platform additionally empowers businesses to equalize the competition with FedEx and UPS, resulting in cost savings on parcel shipping.

Our cutting-edge agreement monitoring, comparison, and modeling & simulation capabilities bring clarity to intricate agreements. Harness the potential of data science and peer comparison data to achieve a return on investment that exceeds 10 times, ultimately enhancing your financial performance and competitive edge.

2. EasyParcel

parcel audit software

EasyParcel is a provider of E-commerce shipping solutions and a web-based parcel consolidator. Our services encompass online courier service bookings, catering to both local and international deliveries, as well as same-day delivery options. Notably, our platform offers a range of courier choices, seamless online tracking, complimentary doorstep collection, e-commerce integration, and additional features.

The best part is that there is no obligation for volume commitment. Our services cater to both individuals and business owners, extending a warm welcome to anyone in need of courier services for sending documents or parcels.

3. RefundRetriever

parcel audit software

Is your enterprise utilizing FedEx or UPS for shipping? In case of any delay, even by a minute, in the delivery of any domestic or express package, including ground, you are entitled to a complete refund.

Refund Retriever has been assisting businesses since 2006 in achieving complete logistics visibility and savings through invoice auditing, analytics, and reports for FedEx and UPS. We also offer manual auditing of the entire lifecycle of your Amazon FBA account.

4. FreightPOP

parcel audit software

FreightPOP offers a seamless solution for efficiently and effortlessly auditing your parcel invoices. Our platform not only ensures that you can easily review and compare your quotes and invoices in one centralized location, but it also empowers you to establish your own thresholds for discrepancies.

Additionally, our integrated system enables you to effortlessly match your purchase orders and invoices, meticulously verify discounts and contracted rates, identify any duplicate charges, and meticulously examine tax rates.

Moreover, our platform goes beyond auditing by highlighting any rate errors and accessorial fees, providing you with a comprehensive and holistic approach to managing your parcel shipments.

5. Logistyx TME

parcel audit software

Logistyx TME is a cloud-based shipping system designed for global parcel shipping. It ensures carrier compliance, simplifies transportation booking, tracks parcel delivery movements, and identifies ways to maximize profits per shipment.

With over 550 carrier integrations, Logistyx TME offers a state-of-the-art rating, rate shopping, and rate simulation tools to help users determine the most optimal combination of contracted carriers in real time.

This software serves as a comprehensive solution for manufacturers, retailers, and logistics providers, enabling them to easily identify suitable shipping carriers, track parcels in real-time, analyze parcel data, and more.

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