7 best Payment Software For Advanced Payment Automation

payment software

Payment software processing empowers businesses to effortlessly process various types of business-to-business (B2B) payments. With this software, companies can efficiently manage payments received from business customers and payments made to suppliers.

It’s a must-have tool for any business that accepts payments through non-cash methods. Accounting teams primarily use this software to guarantee the timely submission of payments and eliminate payment errors. Trust payment processing software to streamline your payment processes and enhance your business operations.

Here are 7 of the Best Payment Software for Seamless Non-Cash Payment Processes.

1. Melio

payment software

Melio, an innovative vendor/bill payment tool, optimizes cash flow and streamlines administrative tasks. Seamlessly settle vendor bills through complimentary bank transfers or debit card payments, regardless of their preference for checks. Moreover, leverage your credit card in situations where cards are not typically accepted, allowing you to retain funds for a longer period and accrue valuable card rewards.

Experience a revolutionized Accounts Payable process with Melio, as it effortlessly synchronizes with QuickBooks and even facilitates check mailing to vendors, eliminating the need for manual check issuance.

2. Birdeye

payment software

Birdeye, a widely recognized all-in-one platform for local businesses and brands, is highly esteemed for its exceptional reputation and solutions for customer experience. With a substantial user base of more than 100,000 businesses,

Birdeye enables them to efficiently manage their online reputation, effortlessly interact with potential customers through diverse digital channels, and gain valuable insights to improve their customer experience. This ultimately leads to increased sales growth and ensures long-term success.

3. PayJunction

payment software

Founded in 2000, PayJunction is a company that merges people and technology to facilitate transactions. With a focus on continual innovation, customer advocacy, and transparent and ethical pricing,

PayJunction has been a frequent disruptor in the payment processing industry. The company processes over $9 billion annually and offers solutions that enable businesses to accept payments made in-store, online, and on the go.

PayJunction’s commitment to computer science as an art, coupled with its customer-centric approach, inspires the development of disruptive technology that enhances productivity, reduces costs, and elevates the customer payment experience.

4. Paymerang

payment software

Paymerang’s platform provides a streamlined solution for automating invoice and payment processes, and transforming Accounts Payable (AP) departments. With Paymerang, AP departments can save significant time annually, while also enjoying enhanced visibility, accuracy, and efficiency.

Furthermore, Paymerang offers the added benefit of rebates for AP departments, while simultaneously reducing paper usage, mitigating fraud risks, and decreasing operating expenses.

5. Stripe Payments

payment software

Stripe’s Payments platform facilitates the acceptance of credit cards, debit cards, and various widely used payment methods across the globe.

Our user-friendly APIs, payment options without the need for coding, and software solutions empower you to establish a business, explore to discover the perfect match between your product and the market, and rapidly expand and enhance your revenue. For further information, please visit stripe.com/payments.

6. NMI

payment software

NMI empowers you to develop a comprehensive commerce solution tailored to your specific needs. Whether you are an ISV seeking to enhance your solutions, an ISO aiming to amplify the value of your services or a Bank offering payment processing tools, NMI has got you covered.

Although we do not directly engage with merchants, we equip you with the capability to enable your merchants to accept payments seamlessly across various touchpoints, including in-store, mobile, online, and unattended.

7. Shopify POS

payment software

Shopify POS, the ultimate point-of-sale solution, caters to retailers who engage in both in-store and online sales. By seamlessly integrating in-store and online transactions, Shopify POS enables retailers to deliver the flawless shopping experiences that modern customers demand.

This powerful tool not only boosts sales but also streamlines operations to a great extent. Our comprehensive POS system encompasses top-notch hardware, secure payment options, and cutting-edge software, all designed to cater to diverse retail environments.

Powered by the world’s leading commerce platform, Shopify POS empowers retailers to effortlessly expand their reach to new retail locations, international markets, and online channels. It comes as no surprise that renowned retailers such as Alo Yoga, Vuori, and Glossier place their trust in Shopify POS.

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