7 Best Pilates Studio Software For Advanced Management

pilates studio software

The right Pilates studio software will help you achieve your goals of success more rapidly. It will provide you peace of mind by organizing the business end of the yoga world.

Pilates studio software is an administrative tool that simplifies and manages all the tasks related to keeping a yoga business afloat. The software is used for tracking attendance, scheduling classes, analytics, and processing payments.

The software basically manages all aspects of the administrative end of running a yoga business from a central place, leaving time for you to focus on more important things like your health and the health of others.

Here are 7 of the best Pilates studio software for excellent management.

1. Vagaro

pilates studio software

Utilize our comprehensive pilates scheduling software and application to effectively manage and expand your business. Allow clients to book and pay for services around the clock while ensuring their safety with our 100% contactless check-in and checkout feature.

Promote your virtual and in-person classes on the Vagaro Marketplace and minimize no-shows with automated reminders. Our software allows you to manage classes and memberships on any device and send waivers and forms seamlessly. Take advantage of our 1-month free trial to experience the benefits for yourself.

2. Gymdesk

pilates studio software

Our Pilates studio software is utilized by gym owners to enhance the efficiency of their business operations. Effectively manage your members, effortlessly receive automatic payments, and make informed business decisions through visually appealing reports. Enhance member satisfaction and retention by elevating their experience and stimulating positive word-of-mouth about your studio.

Boost your revenue by implementing simple sales automation. Additionally, create your own website within minutes using our customizable templates to attract more potential customers. Experience our software without any obligation for a 30-day free trial to ensure its suitability for your needs.

3. ABC Glofox

pilates studio software

Our pilates studio management software offers a comprehensive solution for efficiently managing your daily administrative tasks and boosting your revenue. From organizing class schedules to processing payments, the ABC Glofox software simplifies administrative duties.

Additionally, it facilitates seamless communication with clients through your personalized mobile app and website integration, enabling you to establish meaningful relationships that contribute to the stability and growth of your studio’s revenue and member retention.

If you are a brand-conscious studio or gym seeking to streamline mundane administrative tasks and enhance customer experience, ABC Glofox is the ideal management software for you.

4. Mariana Tek

pilates studio software

Mariana Tek, designed by fitness professionals, caters specifically to Pilates studios seeking to distinguish themselves. Regardless of whether you possess a network of fifty studios or a solitary establishment, Mariana Tek is designed to provide user-friendly experiences for both you and your team.

Enhance customer satisfaction with uncomplicated yet efficient booking and purchasing processes, gain deeper insights into the client journey to capitalize on pivotal moments for revenue growth, and assume command over your operations through comprehensive insights and analytics.

5. WellnessLiving

pilates studio software

WellnessLiving’s Pilates studio management software is an all-in-one solution that provides you with the necessary tools, support, and resources to effectively manage and expand your business.

With its flexible business settings and dynamic features such as online booking, automated marketing, rewards, website widgets, advanced reporting, mobile apps, and client and staff management, all available on a single platform, it streamlines your business operations. This software is the only one you need to attract, convert, and retain more clients.

6. Zen Planner

pilates studio software

Zen Planner’s studio software offers a comprehensive solution for Pilates enthusiasts looking to transform their passion into a thriving enterprise. Our software suite encompasses various features, including payment processing, auto-billing, Staff and member Apps, scheduling, retail, gift cards, automation, detailed reports, and more.

Additionally, our Integrated Websites are tailored to generate leads and facilitate business growth. Zen Planner is specifically designed for Fitness business owners who prioritize dedicating their time to what they love – sharing their passion – rather than being tied down to administrative tasks associated with running a business.

7. Acuity Scheduling

pilates studio software

Meet Acuity, the personal scheduling assistant that will effortlessly manage your Pilates studio. Working tirelessly behind the scenes, Acuity ensures that your calendar is always filled and takes care of all the administrative tasks.

Once clients book with you, Acuity automatically sends branded and customized confirmations to both you and your clients. It also provides text reminders, allows clients to reschedule on their own, and handles payments seamlessly.

With Acuity, your day-to-day operations run smoothly, even during busy periods. This software is specifically designed for professional services and appointment-focused businesses seeking to streamline client bookings, cancellations, reminders, and payments through the use of the world’s most user-friendly online scheduling software.

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