7 Best Predictive Analytics Software For Customer Forecasting

predictive analytics software

Predictive analytics software is the ultimate tool for extracting valuable insights from historical data patterns and accurately predicting future outcomes.

The process of predictive analytics involves analyzing historical data patterns to make predictions about future outcomes. This is done by extracting information from data sets and identifying trends using statistical analysis and algorithms.

The resulting decision models can be used by business managers to plan for optimal results. Predictive analytics software is used by a variety of professionals, including analysts, data scientists, business users, and developers, to gain insights into customers, products, and partners, as well as to identify potential risks and opportunities for a company.

By leveraging both stored and real-time big data, predictive analytics programs enable organizations to take a forward-thinking perspective of the customer. These tools can be implemented on-premise for enterprise users or in the cloud.

While most predictive analytics software is proprietary, there are open-source versions available. Recent trends in this field involve integrating predictive analytics software with business intelligence platforms, ERP systems, and other digital analytics software.

Here are 7 of the Best Predictive Analytics Software For Advanced Decision Making.

1. Analytics Cloud

predictive analytics software

The integration of analytics and planning with SAP applications and access to diverse data sources is made possible with SAP Analytics Cloud. As the analytics and planning solution within the SAP Business Technology Platform, it enables reliable insights

SAP Analytics Cloud leverages the entirety of SAP data and incorporates embedded analytics for SAP business applications, bringing analytics closer to the decision-making process.

2. Qlik Sense

predictive analytics software

Qlik Sense enables individuals to enhance their decision-making abilities through data-driven insights and actionable information. The platform offers augmented analytics for a wide range of business requirements, including visualization, dashboards, natural language analytics, custom and embedded analytics, reporting, and alerting.

Its innovative associative technology leverages AI-powered insights to augment human intuition, providing unparalleled capabilities for data integration and exploration.

By indexing the associations in your data, Qlik Sense exposes related and unrelated values as you interact with the platform, revealing hidden insights that would be overlooked by traditional query-based tools.

3. Tableau

predictive analytics software

Tableau Cloud, powered by Salesforce’s Einstein technology, is a robust data and analytics platform that provides a multitude of capabilities to facilitate responsible data utilization and improve business outcomes.

Its integration of data management and governance, visual analytics, data storytelling, and collaborative features enables organizations to make informed decisions based on data.

This cloud-based enterprise-grade solution, hosted on the world’s leading analytics platform, offers agility and user-friendliness to enhance the overall experience.

4. Alteryx

predictive analytics software

Alteryx is a powerful data analytics platform that enables individuals from any location to transform vast amounts of data into valuable insights, without the need for extensive coding knowledge. This user-friendly platform empowers users to generate breakthroughs on a daily basis.

Alteryx is widely trusted by organizations worldwide to enhance their workforce capabilities and achieve significant business results. By integrating unified analytics, data science, and process automation, Alteryx drives transformative outcomes for businesses.

5. JMP

predictive analytics software

JMP is a data analysis software that seamlessly integrates interactive visualization with powerful statistics. Its drag-and-drop interface, dynamically linked graphs, advanced analytic functionality libraries, scripting language, and sharing options make importing and handling data a breeze. These features empower users to explore their data with greater efficiency and accuracy.

Originally developed in the 1980s to harness the power of GUI for personal computers, JMP consistently improves its software’s capabilities with each release by incorporating cutting-edge statistical methods and specialized analysis techniques from diverse industries.

6. Sisense

predictive analytics software

Sisense is the ultimate choice for businesses seeking powerful business intelligence software that streamlines the complex tasks of data preparation, analysis, and visualization.

With its all-encompassing solution, Sisense effortlessly manages vast amounts of data from diverse sources, enabling the processing of terabytes of information and supporting thousands of users on a single server.

7. Altair

predictive analytics software

Altair, a worldwide technology enterprise, offers SaaS solutions for product development, HPC, and Data analysis.

Numerous establishments rely on SAS language programs for their operations, and Altair SLC executes these programs without translation and without requiring third-party product licenses.

Altair SLC’s exceptional capability to handle high levels of throughput reduces users’ capital costs and operating expenses. Altair SLC was previously a part of World Programming.

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