7 Best SaaS Management Software For Enhance Control And Visibility

saas management software

SaaS management software, also known as SaaSOps, encompasses the management, governance, and security of SaaS products within a business. The purpose of SaaSOps solutions is to provide businesses with enhanced control and visibility over their SaaS portfolios.

These solutions serve as a centralized platform for software administrators to effectively manage various aspects, including user and team access, licensing and expenditure, IT workflows, integration integrity, data and access security, policy compliance, and automation of SaaS-related processes.

To effectively cater to the diverse range of SaaS offerings, SaaSOps solutions must integrate seamlessly with multiple platforms. Additionally, these solutions should possess automation capabilities, such as automatically assigning permissions based on roles during the onboarding process.

Here are 7 of the Best SaaS Management Software for Effective Administration.

1. Lumos

saas management software

Managing hundreds of apps and permissions can be a daunting task that can hinder the efficiency of your business operations. However, with Lumos, the first app governance platform, this challenge has become a thing of the past. Lumos automates access requests, enforces the principle of least privilege, accelerates user access reviews, and eliminates unnecessary spending on SaaS apps.

Gone are the days of technology silos that kept IT, Security, Compliance, and Finance departments in the dark. Lumos provides you with complete visibility into app usage, entitlements, and spending, empowering you to make informed decisions and take necessary actions based on data insights.

The impact of Lumos is significant. It leads to a reduction in IT support costs, as well as the elimination of manual audit spreadsheets and time-consuming VLookups. With Lumos, you can achieve Just-in-Time Access (JIT) without the hassle of traditional auditing methods.

2. Zluri

saas management software

Zluri is a cloud-native SaaSOps platform that provides modern enterprises with SaaS Management and Identity Governance capabilities. It enables IT and Security teams to gain visibility into their SaaS landscape, achieve recurring savings, and govern access securely through provisioning and de-provisioning.

Zluri’s technology is supported by a comprehensive discovery engine, an integrated iPaas, and an evolving AI, which allows companies to effectively navigate and control intricate SaaS ecosystems.

With a trusted user base of more than 250 global customers, Zluri remains dedicated to delivering innovative, reliable, and scalable solutions that empower organizations to optimize their SaaS usage, ensure compliance, and enhance identity governance practices.

3. Torii

saas management software

Torii enables IT professionals to address contemporary SaaS challenges directly, encompassing issues such as Shadow IT, wasteful expenditure, and inefficient processes. Torii stands apart from other tools as it serves as the go-to solution for IT professionals to oversee their entire SaaS ecosystem. It facilitates the discovery of every SaaS application, optimization of SaaS investments, and automation of SaaS tasks, all within a single platform.

Our platform’s exceptional openness empowers IT to consolidate SaaS systems, customize Torii to align with their company’s evolving requirements, and effortlessly adopt industry best practices. With Torii, IT remains in control while safeguarding the organization’s sensitive data and equipping all stakeholders with the necessary insights and capabilities.

4. Zylo

saas management software

Zylo, the world’s leading provider of SaaS Management and Optimization, empowers businesses to organize, optimize, and orchestrate their SaaS operations.

Zylo’s clients, which include Adobe, Atlassian, Coupa, Doordash, Hootsuite, Intuit, Slack, Salesforce, and Verizon Media, benefit from the company’s enterprise-grade technology and unparalleled SaaS Management expertise, which helps them manage the rising costs and risks of SaaS while enhancing the software experience for their employees.

Zylo’s patent-pending, AI-powered Discovery Engine provides continuous, frictionless monitoring of SaaS spending, licenses, and usage, resulting in the industry’s most accurate SaaS system of record.

Zylo’s suite of SaaS Managed Services, which is staffed by a team of industry experts, delivers cost savings while freeing up your resources. From implementing SaaS Management best practices to managing SaaS contracts and data, execute your SaaS strategy without adding extra headcount with Zylo.

5. Productiv

saas management software

Productiv offers IT leaders a comprehensive application engagement analytics solution for managing SaaS. With over 50 engagement dimensions, Productiv continuously evaluates application portfolios and provides insights on actual usage to help answer questions about investments and effectiveness.

Leading companies such as Fox and Equinix rely on Productiv to maximize application value for their people, budget, and business. The Productiv SaaS Intelligence platform goes beyond SaaS management, aligning IT, procurement, finance, and business leaders with reliable data to proactively govern, optimize spend, and drive operational efficiency while enhancing employee engagement across SaaS applications.

6. Sonar

saas management software

Sonar provides Change Intelligence to effectively navigate any Salesforce transformation, regardless of its scale. Through Sonar, operations teams can confidently implement new processes for go-to-market teams, ensuring greater success and reduced concerns.

The process of scoping and executing changes becomes effortless with the aid of a dynamic data dictionary that visually organizes the scope. Sonar empowers teams to promptly comprehend the ripple effects of change throughout their technology stack, enabling them to anticipate potential disruptions and navigate change seamlessly.

7. BetterCloud

saas management software

BetterCloud is a SaaS management platform that leads the market, allowing IT teams to reduce up to 78% of their SaaS management workload. It automates essential tasks such as onboarding, offboarding, mid-lifecycle changes, SaaS application access, entitlements, and security policies in a multi-SaaS environment.

By automating critical work like user lifecycle processes and day-to-day operations, BetterCloud’s thousands of customers benefit from increased operational efficiency and employee productivity. With over a decade of experience in pioneering the SaaS Operations movement, BetterCloud now serves the world’s largest community of SaaSOps experts.

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