7 Best Sales Intelligence Software For Excellent Customer Input

sales intelligence software

Sales intelligence software is a valuable tool for companies seeking to enhance their sales processes and increase revenue. This software enables businesses to leverage both internal and external data to improve the quality and quantity of sales leads.

By utilizing B2B contact databases, companies can identify new opportunities and equip sales personnel with the necessary information to capitalize on them, including contact details, job titles, and firmographics.

In addition, some solutions offer buying signals and other insights, such as recent funding, company transfers, changes in technology, and data from buyer intent tools, to facilitate timely outreach.

Marketing and sales executives can utilize this software to develop and implement sales strategies based on this data, combined with external data from their CRM software, such as prospect lists and B2B contact databases.

These solutions provide numerous benefits, including increased productivity, the establishment of meaningful connections, and the enrichment of prospect and customer data.

Here are 7 of the Best Sales Intelligence Software for Advance Customer Relations.

1. Apollo.io

sales intelligence software

Apollo.io is a comprehensive sales intelligence platform that equips you with the necessary tools to prospect, engage, and increase your revenue.

With Apollo, salespersons and marketers can easily identify potential customers, establish connections with contacts, and develop a contemporary go-to-market approach.

Established in 2015, Apollo.io is a prominent data intelligence and sales engagement platform that has earned the trust of more than 10,000 customers, ranging from fast-growing startups to multinational corporations.

2. Cognism

sales intelligence software

Cognism, the preferred option of more than 2,000 accomplished revenue teams, aims to assist esteemed industry leaders in augmenting their revenue. Our comprehensive suite of services includes top-tier company and contact data, encompassing firmographics, technographic, sales trigger events, and intent data.

Moreover, we provide verified business emails and phone-validated mobile numbers to ensure your needs are met. If you are ready to optimize your pipeline and increase your revenue, Cognism is the ideal choice for you.

3. CUFinder

sales intelligence software

Experience the revolutionary capabilities of CUFinder, a cutting-edge B2B lead generation and data enrichment platform that harnesses advanced algorithms and AI. CUFinder empowers businesses to uncover top-tier leads, enhance customer data, and optimize workflows.

Seamlessly integrating with existing systems, this platform enables companies to personalize communication, increase efficiency, and gain a competitive advantage in the ever-evolving business environment. Unleash the complete potential of your sales and marketing endeavors with CUFinder.

4. Owler

sales intelligence software

Owler, a business intelligence platform, boasts a user base of over 5 million individuals. This platform offers valuable information regarding your crucial prospects, accounts, and customers.

With the ability to effortlessly access real-time data from more than 15 million private and public companies, you can effectively maintain a competitive edge by receiving immediate updates on companies spanning various industries.

Owler Max, an enhanced version of Owler, equips you with account-level insights, contact data, and sales triggers necessary to expedite and optimize your sales process, ultimately leading to increased revenue. All of these features are conveniently consolidated within a single platform.

5. UpLead

sales intelligence software

UpLead offers top-notch B2B lead generation software that furnishes superior B2B contact and company data.

Its impressive features comprise instantaneous email verification, a vast database of contacts spanning over 200 countries, more than 50 search criteria, technology tracking, account-based marketing, competitor intelligence, email pattern intelligence, social profile links, seamless integration with Salesforce and 12 other CRM platforms, Zapier connection, a powerful API, and much more.

6. RocketReach

sales intelligence software

RocketReach is a reliable and precise sales and leads intelligence platform that is highly trusted. It provides access to verified real-time data for more than 700 million professionals from 35 million companies globally, enabling you to establish a direct connection with any professional.

With over 11 million users, including major corporations such as Apple, Disney, Google, and 95% of the S&P 500, RocketReach is a trusted solution for businesses of all sizes.

7. GetEmail.io

sales intelligence software

GetEmail.io is recognized as the leading email finder worldwide, boasting a 70 percent hit rate and 95 percent accuracy.

With over 500 thousand users from 100 countries, it is the go-to solution for locating professional email addresses of prospects, partners, providers, attendants, and candidates.

Marketing, sales, recruiting executives, and event planners all trust GetEmail.io for their email-finding needs. The platform’s user-friendly interface requires no specialized knowledge or setup, and the onboarding process is quick, taking only 2 minutes.

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