5 Best Sales Planning Software For Advanced Forecasting

sales planning software

Sales planning software allows organizations to strategically organize sales plans, including territory management, quota allocation, and capacity management, in order to ensure adequate resources are allocated for the successful execution of sales objectives.

Sales leaders utilize these software solutions to enhance their ability to forecast sales performance and align with other business units, such as finance teams, in pursuit of overall business goals.

These solutions empower businesses to evaluate accounts and delineate sales territories based on various factors, such as geography, company size, industry, total addressable market (TAM), or revenue, thereby ensuring precise account segmentation and optimized territory coverage.

Additionally, these products offer quota planning and management functionalities, enabling the establishment of targets and the monitoring of performance for each territory and sales representative.

By providing insights into sales capacity planning, these tools facilitate more accurate predictions of organizational performance based on current headcount and past achievements, as well as offer guidance on the optimal number of sales representatives required to meet or surpass objectives.

Here are 5 of the Best Sales Planning Software for Superior Forecasting.

1. Varicent

sales planning software

Varicent empowers companies to enhance performance and optimize revenue by delivering essential data, insights, and tools via a unified platform. This renowned SaaS organization, Varicent, aids businesses in driving growth.

Its comprehensive range of solutions facilitates the entire revenue journey of a company, encompassing result-oriented planning, predictability, and expansion. Through Varicent, global enterprises can establish more intelligent objectives and territories to maximize revenue potential.

Leveraging AI-driven insights, Varicent equips teams to make superior decisions, surpass past achievements, and devise incentive strategies that inspire the desired behaviors for attaining revenue goals.

2. Workday

sales planning software

At Workday, we are enabling the advancement of enterprise planning and analysis for the next generation. Workday Adaptive Planning facilitates business agility in a rapidly evolving environment, empowering individuals to acquire valuable insights, collaborate effectively, and make prompt and intelligent decisions.

Our robust modeling and analytics capabilities cater to organizations of any scale while remaining user-friendly for all planners. With our planning cloud application, organizations of all sizes can confidently and swiftly adapt to a dynamic world and changing business circumstances.

3. Xactly

sales planning software

Xactly Sales Planning offers comprehensive sales planning solutions that integrate automation and data-driven insights. Our solutions enable you to efficiently manage various aspects, such as coverage, territory, quota, and capacity management.

With our Sales Planning and Forecast Modeling feature, you can automate the sales coverage and capacity planning processes, ensuring that you have the optimal resources to achieve your bookings goals.

Additionally, our Real-time Dynamic Dashboards provide real-time visibility into sales performance, enhancing alignment and connecting planning with execution.

4. Salesforce Sales Cloud

sales planning software

Jedox, a highly flexible planning and performance management platform, empowers organizations worldwide to surpass their expectations in delivering plans.

Trusted by over 2,500 organizations across 140 countries, Jedox allows for the modeling of various scenarios and seamless integration of data from any source.

It simplifies the creation of cross-organizational plans across all business systems, fostering a culture of decisiveness and confidence. With Jedox, teams can effectively plan for opportunities, swiftly adapt to changes, and discover previously unknown possibilities.

5. Anaplan

sales planning software

Anaplan revolutionizes the way businesses perceive, strategize, and operate. Leveraging its exclusive Hyperblock™ technology, Anaplan empowers users to analyze current performance and predict future results, facilitating quicker and more assured decision-making.

Anaplan facilitates cohesive strategic planning throughout organizations, propelling business growth. Headquartered in San Francisco, Anaplan boasts a global network of over 200 partners and serves more than 2,000 customers.

Anaplan’s cloud-native SaaS platform is designed to optimize business planning and enhance performance management across various functions, including finance, sales, supply chain, workforce, and marketing.

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