8 Best Speech Analytics Software For Advanced Customer Interaction

speech analytics software

Having the right speech analytics software will make interaction with humans through technology a lot simpler. Technology gives us more than one choice depending on the needs of the particular organization.

Speech analytics software enables many contact centers to analyze call recordings including transcripts available from chat and text messages. It is also able to analyze data from human speech in real-time.

The software uses artificial intelligence to analyze and interpret human speech and gather information for quality assurance. The software by identifying words and emotions or stress in the speaker’s voice provides quality information for quality assurance.

here are 8 Speech analytics software for advanced analyzing.

1. NICE CXone

speech analytics software

The leading cloud-based customer experience platform globally is CXone by NICE. It offers a range of features such as omnichannel routing, analytics, workforce optimization, automation, and AI, enabling businesses of all sizes to provide exceptional customer experiences.

NICE CXone is utilized by contact centers in small, medium, enterprise, and government organizations to deliver exceptional customer experiences across all digital and voice channels.

2. Sprinklr

speech analytics software

Assist the most beloved brands globally in enhancing customer satisfaction – that’s Sprinklr’s objective. Our pioneering Customer Experience Management platform facilitates personalized, human interactions on a large scale, spanning over 25 communication channels, including X, Facebook, and Instagram.

With 22 offices and 1,400 staff members in New York City, Sprinklr collaborates with over 1,200 of the world’s most valuable brands, such as McDonald’s, Nike, and Microsoft.

3. Observe.AI

speech analytics software

Observe.AI, the foremost contact center speech analytics software, excels in enhancing contact center performance. Leveraging the industry’s most precise AI engine, which thoroughly analyzes all interactions across various channels, Observe.AI empowers you to swiftly assess agent performance and provide contextual feedback that motivates proactive measures.

Specifically tailored for Collections, BPOs, Financial, Insurance, Travel and hospitality, Retail, and Consumer Healthcare, Observe.AI is the ultimate solution.

4. Call Journey

speech analytics software

Call Journey’s advanced interaction intelligence and analytics technology leverages AI software to collect valuable data from customer interactions, offering valuable insights into both customer and agent behaviors.

This empowers businesses to deliver personalized customer experiences, enhance employee performance, make data-driven decisions, boost operational efficiency, and drive accelerated business growth. Reach out to Call Journey today for a complimentary analysis and let us help you get started swiftly and seamlessly.

5. SalesLoft

speech analytics software

Salesloft offers a top-notch sales engagement platform that empowers salespeople and teams to boost their revenue. The Modern Revenue Workspace, a Salesloft product, serves as a centralized hub for sellers to carry out all their digital selling activities, interact with prospects, gain clarity on their next steps, and receive valuable coaching and insights to secure wins.

Salesloft caters to the entire revenue organization, providing features that optimize the customer journey for SDRs, AEs, Full-Cycle reps, AMs, CS reps, and their managers.

6. Gong.io

speech analytics software

Gong enables your complete go-to-market team to leverage and implement your most valuable dataset – the conversations with your customers. Additionally, Gong transcribes your sales call recordings, allowing you to easily search and emphasize specific segments of the conversation that are relevant to you.

It functions similarly to Google search but is specifically tailored for your sales calls. Empower your team with up-to-the-minute data, efficient automation, and practical next steps to effectively impact the outcome of your deals.

7. ELSA Speak

speech analytics software

ELSA utilizes cutting-edge Speech Recognition and AI technology, supported by Google, to enhance English language learners’ fluency and effectiveness. In addition to transcribing speech, ELSA offers valuable feedback on pronunciation, fluency, intonation, grammar, and vocabulary, and can even predict scores for IELTS/TOEFL speaking exams.

With an impressive accuracy rate of over 95%, ELSA’s technology is tailored to recognize over 100 global accents, making it an ideal solution for companies in various industries, including Airlines, Hospitality, Banks, Healthcare, KPO/BPO, and more.

8. Dragon Professional

speech analytics software

Leverage the advanced speech engine powered by state-of-the-art Deep Learning technology in Dragon Professional Individual, v15 to efficiently generate reports, emails, forms, and other crucial documents using your voice.

With unprecedented speed and accuracy in dictation and transcription, you can minimize the time spent on documentation and concentrate on activities that drive profitability.

By dedicating less time to documentation and allocating more time to activities that enhance your bottom line, Dragon Professional Individual enables you to optimize your productivity.

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