7 Best Sweepstakes Software For Business Empowerment

sweepstakes software

Sweepstakes software, also known as competition marketing software, empowers businesses to captivate both current and prospective customers through enticing promotions.

With customizable campaigns encompassing raffles, contests, giveaways, and incentivized quizzes, these tools not only foster brand recognition but also generate valuable leads.

Whether used in conjunction with ongoing marketing initiatives or as standalone events, marketing teams, online community managers, and social media specialists can harness the power of these platforms to achieve remarkable results.

Here are 7 of the Best Sweepstakes Software for Effective Lead Generation.

1. Second Street Upland

sweepstakes software

Second Street is a software platform for audience engagement that is utilized by more than 4,000 companies. Our platform empowers users to construct contests, interactive content, and emails, encompassing sweepstakes, photo contests, ballots, quizzes, polls, newsletters, drip campaigns, and various other features. Our esteemed partners leverage Second Street to enhance their revenue, expand their databases, and foster audience engagement.

They achieve this by selling sponsorships to advertisers or devising tailored solutions that identify promising sales prospects, augment their email subscriber base, and attract fresh traffic to their websites.

2. Wishpond

sweepstakes software

Wishpond is a comprehensive platform offering a range of user-friendly tools designed for lead generation and marketing automation. Trusted by over 5,000 businesses, our platform provides a variety of features to enhance your marketing efforts. With our Landing Pages tool, you can effortlessly build, publish, and conduct A/B split tests on mobile-responsive landing pages within minutes.

Our Website Popups feature enables you to effectively convert website visitors into valuable leads through the use of popup forms. Additionally, our Forms tool allows you to embed lead-generation forms on your website and blog, further enhancing your ability to capture and nurture leads.

Lastly, our Contests & Promotions feature empowers you to run engaging Facebook Sweepstakes, Photo Contests, Instagram Hashtag Contests, and more, effectively boosting your brand’s visibility and engagement.

3. ViralSweep

sweepstakes software

ViralSweep is a software application designed to assist brands in constructing, executing, and overseeing digital marketing campaigns, including sweepstakes, giveaways, contests, instant wins, referral campaigns, and various others.

This comprehensive software suite provides a range of features, such as A/B testing to enhance the effectiveness of promotions, robust integrations to seamlessly integrate with your existing marketing infrastructure, measures to prevent fraudulent or spam entries, user management capabilities for handling multiple brands, additional promotional entries through social media interactions, and comprehensive analytics to gain insights into entrant data.


sweepstakes software

VYPER is a marketing tool that facilitates the execution of viral campaigns. It enables the establishment of Referral Campaigns, Reward/Loyalty Programs, Giveaways, Leaderboards, and other similar initiatives. Employing gamification and incentivization, it effectively encourages engagement and sharing, thereby facilitating the accelerated and efficient growth of your business.

The versatile builder simplifies the creation of brand campaigns that align with your brand’s fundamental objectives. You have the option to present your campaigns as a website chat widget, landing page, or embedded form. Furthermore, you can utilize all three options simultaneously, if desired. To get started, please create a free account at https://vyper.io.

5. DojoMojo

sweepstakes software

DojoMojo is a brand network and partnerships marketplace that enables marketers of all sizes to establish connections and develop sponsored content and giveaway campaigns to expand their audiences at a significantly reduced cost compared to conventional paid channels.

Our technology streamlines collaboration, simplifies campaign planning, and employs data-driven insights to suggest the most effective partnerships to our clients, thereby saving them valuable time.

With a vast network of thousands of brands, DojoMojo is a trusted platform for renowned brands such as General Assembly, theSkimm, Conde Nast, and Hearst. We have assisted our clients in adding nearly 200 million potential readers and customers to their email lists.

6. Cool Tabs

sweepstakes software

Utilize social networks and your website to drive your marketing campaigns and generate leads. Conduct Social Listening, Brand Monitoring, and real-time content curation to monitor your social networks.

Increase your digital audience and obtain qualified leads by implementing simple interactive content through your app, website, or social networks. Analyze the social conversation surrounding your brand on social networks, forums, and media.

Qualifio provides a comprehensive solution for large brands and media to engage audiences across digital channels through a variety of interactive formats, including quizzes, contests, surveys, tests, and animated games.

The platform adheres strictly to GDPR regulations and allows for the collection of valuable first-party data that can be integrated with a client’s broader technologies for data enrichment.

7. ShortStack

sweepstakes software

ShortStack enables users to create marketing contests that effectively convert. Users can effortlessly construct personalized, branded interactive marketing content that successfully converts visitors into loyal customers, ultimately leading to business growth. By utilizing captivating marketing games and innovative contests, businesses can create a remarkable experience for their customers, enhance customer engagement efforts, generate high-quality leads, and achieve a remarkable return on investment.

Users can begin their journey by selecting from our extensive collection of 65+ templates, and then customize and arrange elements to align with their brand identity. Once completed, users can seamlessly integrate their contest onto their website or publish it as a standalone landing page.

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