7 Best Virtual Assistant Software For Advanced Automation

virtual assistant software

Choosing the right virtual assistant software could be a little complex with all these choices technology offers nowadays. Taking the time, and analyze the particular needs that an individual or an organization has could make it a little easier.

Virtual assistant software provides professional assistance in fields such as making phone calls, scheduling appointments, managing email accounts, and making travel arrangements. It also provides specialized assistance in fields such as marketing services, graphics design, blog writing, social media, and bookkeeping.

The software basically works virtually from a remote location which you can automate to complete tasks. Virtual assistant software is so advanced that it can execute tasks on high levels as at corporate levels.

here are 7 of the best virtual assistant software for professional service.

1. Exceed.ai

virtual assistant software

Exceed.ai, developed by Genesys, serves as a valuable tool for enhancing the productivity of marketing and sales teams, ultimately leading to increased revenue growth prospects.

This virtual AI Sales Assistant operates seamlessly around the clock, collaborating with human counterparts to guarantee that each potential customer is promptly engaged, nurtured, and assessed through interactive email, SMS, and chat exchanges.

Once a lead is deemed qualified and prepared for human interaction, the assistant effortlessly arranges a meeting for your representatives. Furthermore, Exceed.ai ensures that your CRM and marketing automation platform are consistently updated with the most up-to-date lead status information.

2. Practice

virtual assistant software

We specialize in streamlining and integrating complex, fragmented, and frustrating systems for virtual assistants (VAs) into a single, user-friendly platform. Our platform offers effortless scheduling that displays your up-to-date availability, straightforward forms for collecting information, seamless invoicing, and payment processing, all seamlessly automated.

With our platform, you can effortlessly generate invoices, set up recurring subscriptions, and create packages in a matter of seconds, ensuring timely and consistent payments. Our top-notch tools are designed to cater to both sides of the equation, providing a centralized client chat portal that consolidates all communication and information for your clients.

3. Mindsay

virtual assistant software

Mindsay streamlines customer interactions through conversational automation, simplifying the process and increasing efficiency. Our platform empowers customer service teams to overcome common obstacles by automating customer requests, eliminating tedious procedures, and optimizing human resources.

Whether it’s addressing basic FAQs or handling complex transactions, we assist companies in developing a comprehensive customer service automation strategy that maximizes automation and minimizes the total cost of ownership.

4. Mosaicx

virtual assistant software

Mosaicx enhances customer service by implementing multi-channel conversational AI tailored for the Mid-Market and Enterprise sectors. Intelligent Virtual Agents possess the ability to comprehend natural language and streamline numerous tasks through the utilization of industry-specific service modules.

Mosaicx Outreach automates proactive text messaging to efficiently address concerns prior to customers initiating a call.

Additionally, Mosaicx Insights offers valuable data regarding the system’s performance and the quality of the experience being delivered. Ultimately, Mosaicx empowers businesses to deliver personalized and delightful experiences to their esteemed customers.

5. Oracle Cloud HCM

virtual assistant software

Oracle Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management is the ultimate cloud-based solution that seamlessly integrates all aspects of your organization’s human resource processes and individuals. With this comprehensive platform, you can ensure a seamless experience across various devices, while also establishing a reliable and centralized source of HR data.

This empowers you to make informed decisions and enhances your ability to meet both current and future needs. The suite encompasses a wide range of applications, including HR, benefits, payroll, performance, and talent management, providing you with cutting-edge advancements to drive success.

6. My AskAI

virtual assistant software

Effortlessly develop a personalized AI chatbot (ChatGPT) for your organization utilizing its content in a matter of minutes, without any coding, and distribute it among your users, customers, or colleagues through a link, chatbot, Slack, or Teams.

My AskAI empowers you to upload various documents such as PDF, Word, CSV, text, and websites to a solitary AI, which you can then interrogate and receive responses in plain English and more than 90 other languages. It facilitates you to utilize it for customer support, internal knowledge discovery, or research purposes.

7. Haptik

virtual assistant software

Haptik, a leading Conversational AI company, has achieved a remarkable milestone by reaching over 100 million devices and successfully processing more than 4 billion conversations. With its Enterprise CX Platform, Haptik empowers brands to develop Intelligent Virtual Assistants that enhance the entire customer journey, from initial purchase to ongoing support.

This comprehensive solution not only drives top-line revenues but also enhances operational efficiencies. Haptik is at the forefront of driving the global shift towards AI-powered conversations.

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