7 Best Virtual Event Platforms For Unique Hosting

virtual event platforms

Virtual event platforms encompass a range of tools that enable the planning, promotion, and execution of online events. These software solutions are specifically designed to assist businesses in delivering the same level of engagement and value as in-person events, but through digital means.

Consequently, virtual event platforms offer a flexible approach to managing and hosting various types of online events, including association meetings, multi-session conferences, trade shows, and job fairs. It is worth noting that virtual event platforms share many similarities with event management platforms.

However, while the latter primarily focuses on organizing in-person events, virtual event platforms facilitate digital experiences through their built-in webcasting capabilities, integrations with webinar software, or a combination of both.

Virtual event platforms facilitate the recreation of in-person event experiences by integrating interactive content, such as Q&A sessions, live polls, group chat, and one-on-one networking. Numerous solutions are available to augment virtual experiences with mobile event applications, enabling attendees to access event content from any device.

Here are 7 of the Best Virtual Event Platforms for Advanced Interaction.

1. Dreamcast

virtual event platforms

Dreamcast, an all-in-one event tech suite, boasts over 12 years of experience and a track record of delivering over 5000 successful events to 1000 satisfied clients worldwide. As a product-driven event tech organization, we provide comprehensive support for all event formats, including in-person, hybrid, and virtual events, meetings, webinars, live-streaming, conferences, trade fairs, product launches, expos, and more.

Our smart event solutions ensure a seamless experience for both the event audience and organizers, offering a range of interactive and engaging event-tech services, solutions, and support.

2. vFairs

virtual event platforms

vFairs is a comprehensive event management platform that empowers organizations to host in-person, hybrid, and virtual events. With its scalable solution, you can effortlessly manage events of any size, from small conferences to large-scale trade shows and hiring fairs.

The multifunctional mobile app enhances your event experience with QR-based check-in, user management options, contact exchange, networking, and onsite engagement. By providing an easy-to-use platform, vFairs allows live attendees to focus on learning, networking, and knowledge sharing.

3. Whova

virtual event platforms

Whova is a comprehensive event management solution that enhances the modernity and trendiness of events, effectively attracting and engaging attendees, while also assisting event organizers in saving time on managing event logistics.

The platform offered by Whova includes an acclaimed event app, streamlined online registration, impactful event marketing, and efficient event management tools that optimize time utilization. Whova’s consistent excellence in the field has been recognized through its consecutive 5-year win of the Event Technology Award.

4. Airmeet

virtual event platforms

Airmeet, the pioneering Event Experience Cloud EXC, empowers people to connect from anywhere in the world. With over 6,500 businesses leveraging Airmeet, they can elevate their brand and drive revenue by delivering immersive experiences and fostering meaningful connections.

Airmeet supports a wide range of event formats, including conferences, webinars, meetups, workshops, town halls, career fairs, expos, and more. With Airmeet, we can create and host captivating and exceptional event experiences that our clients truly value. As a result, our events boast an attendance rate that is nearly double the industry average.

5. Social27

virtual event platforms

Social27 Virtual Event Platform offers a comprehensive solution for virtual and hybrid events, surpassing the limitations of traditional in-person gatherings. With enhanced reach, accessibility, flexibility, and insights, Social27 brings the best aspects of in-person events to the virtual world.

The platform enables attendees to network, sponsors, and exhibitors to showcase their offerings, and speakers to deliver captivating presentations seamlessly. Sponsors and exhibitors are empowered to create their own Exhibitor Booth Microsite, fostering excitement and generating valuable leads.

For speakers, the process is effortless as they can easily deliver their presentations and engage with attendees by simply joining a Zoom or Teams meeting.

Attendees benefit from the power of our Recommendation Engine, which enables them to connect with like-minded individuals, preferred sponsors, and sessions that align with their interests and priorities.

6. BigMarker

virtual event platforms

BigMarker is a highly customizable platform specializing in webinars and virtual and hybrid events. With advanced video technology and robust marketing and interactive experience capabilities, our platform enables the creation of unique and branded events. Companies worldwide rely on BigMarker’s all-in-one platform for immersive and interactive virtual, hybrid, and webinar events.

In addition, we provide integrations, APIs, and white-label services that empower companies to seamlessly incorporate powerful interactive video experiences into their marketing, sales, and learning strategies.

Our platform also offers live, on-demand, and automated webinar software, as well as customizable and interactive webinars and online events for marketing, sales, training, and onboarding purposes.

7. Livestorm

virtual event platforms

Livestorm offers a comprehensive video engagement platform that enables you to manage meetings, webinars, and virtual events seamlessly. With Livestorm, you can break free from traditional video conferencing silos and leverage an end-to-end video engagement platform for all your meetings and events.

Benefit from a range of features such as email templates and sequences, customizable registration pages, email delivery tracking, website widgets, built-in social sharing, and more.

Additionally, Livestorm’s integrated dashboard allows you to make data-driven decisions by tracking registrations, attendance, and participant engagement. What’s more, Livestorm is a browser-based webinar software that requires no downloads.

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